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US: Group urges Obama to resolve Mexico trucking issue | 8 Apr 09

An ad hoc coalition that includes the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) and Wal-Mart Stores has sent a letter to US President Barack Obama urging him to quickly resolve a dispute with Mexico over allowing its trucks to transport goods into the US.

Quote/unquote: Prime Source Forum 2009 | 7 Apr 09

Last week just-style attended the fourth edition of The Prime Source Forum in Hong Kong for a meeting of minds from the apparel industry. Key themes included the financial crisis, sourcing, social compliance, product safety and sustainability, and here is a collection of comments from the event.

US: Affordable Footwear Act takes step forward | 2 Apr 09

Legislation that would eliminate tariffs on about 60% of shoes imported into the US each year was reintroduced to Congress last week, and could be presented in the House of Representatives later this month.

US: Promises “swift action” against foreign trade barriers | 1 Apr 09

The US has vowed to take “swift action” against countries that erect non-tariff barriers to trade, and said it would prioritise and tackle “the most significant” obstructions to US exports.

US: Gary Locke confirmed as commerce chief | 26 Mar 09

The US Senate has confirmed former Washington Governor Gary Locke as the next Secretary of Commerce.

US: Ron Kirk confirmed as US trade representative | 19 Mar 09

Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk has been confirmed as the next US trade representative.

US: Product safety agency to receive extra funding | 12 Mar 09

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will receive an extra $25m under a spending bill signed yesterday (11 March) by President Obama to oversee the safety of consumer products including clothing and footwear sold in the US.

US: West Coast textile trade shows to merge | 6 Mar 09

The organisers of two of the industry’s best-known textile, sourcing and supply chain events are teaming up from this autumn to stage a single show in LA’s California Market Center.

US: Gary Locke latest choice for commerce chief | 26 Feb 09

President Barack Obama has picked former Washington Governor Gary Locke as his latest choice for commerce secretary.

US: Restricted Substances List updated to reflect CPSIA | 19 Feb 09

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has updated its global AAFA Restricted Substances List (RSL), covering home textiles, apparel and footwear, to reflect new consumer product safety regulations.

CHINA: Seminars on US apparel product safety issues | 23 Jan 09

A series of seminars aimed at updating Chinese apparel and footwear firms on US product safety issues is being organised by the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) in March.

BELGIUM: EU and Brazil apparel trade groups forge links | 12 Dec 08

The leaders of textile and apparel trade groups in the EU and Brazil have pledged to work together to expand trade and investment between the two regions.

US: Apparel groups fear new rule for plant based fibres | 10 Dec 08

A group of apparel and textile organisations is calling for changes to new reporting requirements that come into force next week on all plant and plant products imported into the US – including textile items made from plant based fibres.

US: Trade group launches new online job service | 27 Nov 08

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has launched an online job board aimed at companies and professionals in the apparel and footwear industry.

US: AAFA launches new Product Safety Council | 29 Oct 08

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has launched a new council to deal with product safety regulations and issues affecting both industries.

US: Lawmaker wants Chinese imports to be monitored | 10 Oct 08

A US lawmaker has asked the government to start monitoring textile and clothing imports from China next year in a bid to pre-empt any sudden surges in imports when existing restrictions are lifted at the end of the year.

US: Congress approves trade preference extensions | 6 Oct 08

The US Congress last week approved of a package of trade provisions related to the Caribbean Basin, the Andean region, and Africa.

US: Apparel group adds to calls for bank rescue deal | 2 Oct 08

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has added its voice to a broad coalition of business groups calling on Congress to approve the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, or bank rescue plan.

US: Groups repeat call to end child labour in Uzbek cotton | 19 Aug 08

A coalition of four trade associations representing the US apparel and retail industries yesterday (18 August) called on the president of Uzbekistan to put an end to forced child labour in the country’s cotton fields.

US: Footwear sales slow with economy | 15 Aug 08

US consumption of footwear declined 0.4% in 2007 according to a new survey of key industry trends, with men’s sales growth outstripping that of women’s shoes.

US: Trade groups urge end to child labour in Uzbek cotton | 15 Aug 08

A coalition of four trade associations representing the US apparel and retail industries was due to meet with the Ambassador of Uzbekistan today (15 August) to call for the end of forced child labour in the country’s cotton fields.

US: AAFA updates restricted substances list | 1 Aug 08

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has updated its global Restricted Substances List (RSL), covering chemicals and other substances whose use in home textiles, apparel and footwear is carefully monitored.

US: Trade groups criticise new apparel monitoring plans | 16 Jul 08

Industry associations representing US importers and retailers are protesting against new plans to monitor apparel imports from China to see if they are being sold at an unfairly low price.

US: Textile, apparel groups call for Colombia trade pact | 11 Jul 08

More than 100 representatives from across the US and Colombian textile, apparel and retail supply chain are calling for immediate approval of the US/Colombia Trade Promotions Agreement (TPA) to ensure a predictable trading relationship between the two countries.

US: Affordable Footwear Act takes a step forward | 20 Jun 08

Legislation to eliminate import tariffs on about 60% of all shoes sold in the United States has reached another landmark on its way to final passage as US trade group said yesterday (19 June).

US: Trade groups urge renewal of Burma import ban | 19 Jun 08

US trade groups are calling on Congress to renew an import ban on products from Burma which is due to expire on 26 July.

US: Material World adds west coast trade show | 27 May 08

Material World, the trade show for the fashion industry supply chain, is heading west with a new autumn edition being lined up to complement the spring show in Miami.

US: Textile, apparel execs forge links with Brazil | 1 May 08

Top textile and apparel executives from Brazil and the US have pledged to forge and strengthen partnerships between their two industries after a meeting in Washington, DC earlier this week.

US: Professional programme for intimate apparel execs | 28 Apr 08

Next month sees the launch of the first professional accreditation programme for intimate apparel executives and associates.

US: Congress considers Colombia trade pact | 10 Apr 08

President George Bush this week submitted the US/Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) Implementation Act to Congress, paving the way to make current temporary trade programs permanent.







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