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CHINA: Textile Talks With US Resume In Beijing | 30 Aug 05

Negotiations between the United States and China begin in Beijing today as the two sides try to hammer out a deal that will limit surging exports of Chinese textiles and clothing.

USA: CAFTA Wins House Vote By Narrow Margin | 28 Jul 05

The controversial Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) was narrowly approved by the US House of Representatives early Thursday after intense White House lobbying.

USA: Votes To Extend Burma Import Ban | 20 Jul 05

The US Senate on Tuesday passed legislation renewing a ban on all US imports from Burma.

USA: Lawmakers Call For Quick CAFTA Decision | 27 May 05

Congressional opponents of the US/Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) yesterday warned that they have more than enough votes to stop the agreement in the House of Representatives.

USA: Textile Delegation To Lobby For CAFTA-DR | 13 Apr 05

A delegation of about 40 textile, apparel, and retailer executives from the United States and Central America will meet in Washington tomorrow to lobby for swift passage of the US/Dominican Republic – Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR).

US takes first step to curb Chinese textiles | 6 Apr 05

The Bush administration this week self-initiated a safeguard action against surging imports of Chinese textiles and clothing. The US industry anticipates that a final decision on these petitions could be reached in as little as five weeks and may lead to the imposition of new quotas on cotton trousers, knit shirts and underwear.

GUATEMALA: Third Country To Approve CAFTA Legislation | 22 Mar 05

Guatemala has become the third country to approve legislation necessary to implement the US/Dominican Republic Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) – joining El Salvador and Honduras who have already signed up to the pact.

USA: Material World To Stage NY Fabric, Sourcing Show | 3 Mar 05

An autumn edition of the Material World global fabric, sourcing and trend event is being launched in New York in September.

USA: Industry Group Wants Wool Trouser Petition Dismissed | 11 Jan 05

The head of a US apparel industry trade group is calling on the government to reject a request for threat-based safeguard quotas on Chinese-made wool trousers.

China safeguard petitions – another viewpoint | 13 Dec 04

US trade groups representing retailers and importers are becoming more and more vocal in their attempts to halt the recent wave of petitions from domestic textile organisations seeking special safeguard limits on textile and clothing imports from China. Their objections make for interesting reading as they present the other side of the debate over free trade versus controlled trade.

CHINA: Textile Federation Sets Up US Sourcing Venture | 28 Oct 04

China’s national textile federation has teamed up with a US firm to source fashions from mainland factories when global quotas are lifted on 1 January 2005.

USA: Textile Groups Line Up $2bn Safeguard Petitions | 13 Oct 04

US textile groups on Tuesday unveiled plans to ask the Bush administration to restrict almost $2 billion of imports of pants, shirts, underwear and other textiles from China.

US apparel imports show signs of stabilising | 10 Sep 04

Trade data just released by the US Department of Commerce shows US apparel imports stabilised in the first seven months of 2004 at 10.9 billion SMEs worth $35.3 billion. Within this data though, China maintains its march into the market, while Central America and the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Hong Kong all saw their imports decline.

USA: Trade Deal Signed With Dominican Republic, Central America | 6 Aug 04

The United States, the Dominican Republic and five Central American countries signed a trade pact in Washington on Thursday, creating the second-largest free-trade zone in Latin America for US exports.

Sourcing show offers a full package | 5 Jul 04

Billed as ‘Three Great Events, One Great Location,’ SPESA Expo, Material World and Technology Solutions, together with their associated conferences, lived up to expectations. Niki Tait reviews some of the highlights on show

USA: US Senate Passes Agoa Extension Bill | 25 Jun 04

The US Senate has given broad support to a bill extending the African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) for a further seven years.

USA: AAFA Praises US Lawmakers For Passing Bill | 18 Jun 04

Industry trade group the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has praised US lawmakers for their passing of a job creation bill this week.

USA: Apparel Imports Stabilise, Footwear Imports Up | 15 Jun 04

Apparel imports to the United States have fallen 0.6 per cent year-on-year in quantity terms to 6 billion square metre equivalents for the first four months of 2004, the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) announced today.

USA: Trade Groups Clash Over CAFTA Signing | 1 Jun 04

US apparel and footwear companies have welcomed the signing of the US-Central America Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on Friday, although textile trade groups argue the trade deal will destroy thousands of US manufacturing jobs.

USA: Apparel Imports Slow Down In March | 17 May 04

US apparel imports grew 0.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2004 versus the first quarter of 2003 to reach 4.57 billion square meter equivalents (SME), according to new figures released last week by the US Department of Commerce.

Changing channels could boost US footwear sales | 5 Aug 03

Catalogue and online direct selling will offer the best opportunities for footwear retailers through 2007, as will emphasis on targeting younger segments of the population. A new report from Mintel also predicts that the value-priced channel will continue taking sales from moderately priced retailers and increase its sales by 22 per cent through 2007.

MYANMAR: 350,000 Clothing Workers Urge US Not To Ban Imports | 14 Jul 03

Hundreds of thousands of clothing industry workers on Monday called on the United States not to ban garment imports in a move that would leave many of them out of work.

USA: Don Munro Named AAFA Chairman | 12 Jun 03

US footwear veteran Don Munro will become chairman of leading industry group the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) this weekend. The 75-year-old, who founded Munro & Co Inc in 1968, will take over the one-year-role from Paul Charron, chairman and CEO of Liz Claiborne Inc, at the group's annual conference.

MYANMAR: Garment Firms Attack US Call For Import Ban | 8 May 03

Furious clothing producers in Myanmar (Burma) on Thursday hit back at calls by the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) for a ban on textile and shoe exports from the military-run state. The AAFA, which represents around 600 US footwear and clothing firms, last month asked the Bush administration to ban all such imports until the country meets "basic human and labour rights".

WAM 2003: winning or waning? | 5 May 03

Attendance at the World Apparel Market (WAM) sourcing show was hit by both the Iraq war and the SARS epidemic. But despite this, the event has an important role to play in selecting potential apparel suppliers and was the launchpad for several innovations writes Niki Tait.

USA: Clothing Firms Demand Ban On Myanmar Imports | 16 Apr 03

Hundreds of leading US apparel and footwear producers on Tuesday called for a ban on imports from Myanmar (Burma) amid claims of serious human rights abuses by the Asian nation's military regime.

Honduras steps into full-package mode | 14 Apr 03

Honduras is now the third largest apparel exporter to the US after Mexico and China reports Jozef De Coster. The Honduran maquila industry is currently moving towards "full package" production, investing in more sophisticated manufacturing centres that focus on flexible supply chain management, high productivity and good quality.

USA: Textile Chiefs Reveal 2005 Quota Fears | 23 Jan 03

US and Caribbean textile chiefs on Wednesday described how the phasing out of quotas in 2005 will deal a "devastating blow" to their industries amid a flood of low-priced clothing and fabric imports from China. The American Textile Manufacturers Institute (ATMI) said scores of US textile firms and tens of thousands of jobs had already been lost amid "extreme price pressures" from factories in China and other countries in Asia.

USA: AAFA Names New Equipment Show One World | 19 Dec 02

The new machinery, IT and fabric event being launched in April 2004 by the American Apparel and Footwear Association and Urban Expositions, has been named One World.

USA: Walter Wilhelm Associate Handed Key AAFA Role | 23 Sep 02

Walter Wilhelm Associates LLC on Friday said associate Warren Hartenstine had been named to the board of the American Apparel & Footwear Association's (AAFA) Supplier and Resource Division (SRD). The SRD is comprised of AAFA member firms supplying computer and software systems to the sewn products industries and aims to create and support business opportunities for members.







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