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CHINA: Greenpeace urges Levi Strauss to "detox" supply chain Katie Smith | 11 Dec 12

Environmental campaign group Greenpeace has launched a campaign calling on denim giant Levi Strauss & Co to commit to eliminating certain chemical substances from its garments and manufacturing processes.

AFRICA: Cotton made in Africa cuts ecological footprint Leonie Barrie | 7 Dec 12

The ecological footprint of cotton from the Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) initiative has been found to be "considerably smaller" than conventionally grown cotton, according to a new study.

BANGLADESH: Wal-Mart admits goods made at fire factory Petah Marian | 27 Nov 12

The garment factory in Bangladesh where a fire at the weekend killed at least 111 people and injured another 100 had been making clothing for Wal-Mart without its knowledge, the world's largest retailer confirmed today (27 November).

HONG KONG: Esprit to cut hazardous chemicals from clothing Petah Marian | 27 Nov 12

Esprit has pledged to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from its textile and clothing supply chain by 2020, joining the Roadmap to Zero initiative launched by a number of leading brands and retailers last year.

Viewpoint: Bangladesh factory fire highlights need for change Leonie Barrie | 26 Nov 12

It is almost two years to the day since 29 people perished in a fire at a garment factory in Bangladesh - and it would appear that little has been done in the intervening period to tackle the industry's safety issues.

BANGLADESH: Factory fire kills 110 garment workers Siddique Islam | 26 Nov 12

Bangladesh is to hold a national day of mourning tomorrow (27 November) after at least 111 people were killed and another 100 injured in a garment factory fire on Saturday.

ZIMBABWE: Joins Cotton made in Africa scheme Leonie Barrie | 22 Nov 12

Zimbabwe is the latest country to sign up to the Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) initiative, whose sustainably grown cotton is purchased and processed by firms such as Puma, Tchibo, C&A and REWE.

GLOBAL: “Hazardous chemicals” found in clothing Richard Woodard | 21 Nov 12

Twenty leading fashion brands are selling clothing contaminated with chemicals with hormone-disrupting or cancer-causing properties when released into the environment, according to Greenpeace International.

BANGLADESH: Buyers assess apparel sourcing opportunities Siddique Islam | 12 Nov 12

A group of buyers representing some 20 global brands and retailers is this week visiting Bangladesh as part of a wider regional tour to explore sourcing alternatives to China.

WORLD: Expansion “crucial” to success of zero discharge initiative Richard Woodard | 1 Nov 12

Expansion of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) partnership – which has a target date of 2020 - is “crucial” if it is to have a major effect on the industry, according to the initiative’s latest report.

GERMANY: Greenpeace calls for ban on PFCs in outdoor clothing Leonie Barrie | 29 Oct 12

Environmental campaign group Greenpeace is calling on the outdoor clothing industry to ban perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) from production after tests found the toxins in a number of leading brands.

UK: Marks & Spencer to cut hazardous chemicals from clothing Leonie Barrie | 24 Oct 12

Fashion retail giant Marks & Spencer (M&S) today (24 October) pledged to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from its entire textile and clothing supply chain by 2020, in a move that also paves the way for the development of new ways to produce its products

SWEDEN: H&M to ban PFCs from supply chain Petah Marian | 4 Sep 12

Fashion retailer H&M Hennes & Mauritz today (4 August) said it will ban the use of a chemical which creates water repellent effects as part of its efforts to reduce the use of hazardous substances.

The Flanarant: Olympics signals new scrutiny in apparel sourcing Mike Flanagan | 10 Aug 12

The outpouring of rage that followed the revelation that Olympic opening ceremony uniforms for US athletes were made in China highlights a 'New Accountability' in apparel sourcing, Mike Flanagan believes. In the future, buyers and sellers will have to accept the increasing influence of outsiders on how they do business.

UK: FiveG ethical sock collection launches Katie Smith | 5 Jul 12

Former Olympic rower Sir Steve Redgrave has launched a range of sports socks called FiveG, which is made from sustainable African cotton and manufactured in the UK.

JAPAN: Uniqlo to phase out wool from mulesed sheep Leonie Barrie | 28 Jun 12

Global retail giant Uniqlo has become the latest company to agree to phase out the use of wool from sheep that have been mulesed.

The Flanarant: What's the real cost of Offshoring 3.0? Mike Flanagan | 28 May 12

Audit fatigue among many clothing suppliers has prompted firms like Nike and Levi Strauss to adopt new strategies for driving standards among manufacturers. This is just one of the responses to what Mike Flanagan describes as 'Offshoring 3.0' - where companies begin to take measures to correct the downsides of overseas production. Here he asks what it means to the cost of garment procurement.

INDIA: Dalit women exploited in garment supply chain Petah Marian | 30 Apr 12

Young Dalit, (or Untouchables, as they were formerly labelled) women are continuing to suffer exploitative conditions in the Indian garment industry, according to a report released by Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) and the India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN).

CHINA: Global brands hit by new claims of textile pollution Petah Marian | 11 Apr 12

Some 48 apparel brands and retailers including H&M, Nike, Wal-Mart, Levi's, Adidas, Gap and Marks & Spencer have been accused of purchasing clothing from suppliers who illegally discharge polluted water in China.

GAFTI gets tough on audit fatigue Leonie Barrie | 4 Apr 12

With increasing numbers of apparel and footwear brands, retailers and manufacturers weighed down by so-called "audit fatigue" - an estimated $2bn is spent by the industry each year on audits - it is no wonder that steps are being taken to work towards a common platform that will enable firms to share data and reduce the number of audits carried out across the supply chain.

Spotlight on...Brands deny claims of continued sandblasting Petah Marian | 3 Apr 12

Diesel has slammed a report in which it is accused of continuing to source its products from Bangladeshi suppliers that use sandblasting, despite the denim brand banning the practice.

EU: Domestic laundering releases toxic clothing chemicals Leonie Barrie | 20 Mar 12

Environmental pressure group Greenpeace is continuing its campaign against toxic chemicals in the apparel supply chain with the release of new research that suggests traces of hazardous substances in clothing from brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, G-Star and Calvin Klein are being released into public waterways when they are washed by consumers.

US: Zero discharge initiative "should include suppliers" Leonie Barrie | 9 Feb 12

Plans by six apparel and footwear brands and retailers to eliminate the discharge of hazardous chemicals from their supply chains by 2020 have been widely praised by a group of stakeholders - but are aiming for a challenging deadline and should have been expanded to include suppliers, they say.

Spotlight on...A better way to grow cotton Petah Marian | 15 Dec 11

Global brands and retailers are working together to source more Better Cotton for their products in the hope that creating demand down the supply chain will eventually see sustainable cotton become the norm. As the first fibres from the initiative start to make their way into clothing, Levi Strauss and Marks & Spencer joined other stakeholders to explain what they hope to achieve.

SINGAPORE: Ramatex takes steps towards toxic-free future Leonie Barrie | 9 Dec 11

Singapore based dyes and chemicals maker Huntsman Textile Effects is to work with textile and garment giant Ramatex in a bid to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals - a target global fashion brands and retailers have set for their supply chains by 2020.

Spotlight on...Fashion firms plan for a toxic-free future Leonie Barrie | 2 Dec 11

What started out as a challenge back in July by environmental pressure group Greenpeace to try to persuade global fashion brands and retailers to eliminate the discharge of hazardous chemicals from their supply chains and products has been gaining momentum ever since. So much so that the firms involved believe their efforts have the potential to "change apparel manufacturing."

GLOBAL: Apparel brands reveal zero discharge roadmap Leonie Barrie | 24 Nov 11

Some of the world's leading brands and retailers have teamed up to release a joint 'roadmap' outlining the steps they intend to take to achieve the goal of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in their supply chains by 2020.

CHINA: C&A and Li-Ning to cut hazardous chemical use Petah Marian | 21 Nov 11

Retailer C&A and Chinese sportswear brand Li-Ning have joined Adidas, H&M, Nike and Puma in pledging to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals throughout their supply chains.

THE FLANARANT: Is own label about to collapse? Mike Flanagan | 16 Nov 11

With more and more own label apparel retailers eyeing growth in Asia and Latin America to make up for shortfalls in their domestic markets, Mike Flanagan asks whether a business formula that's running out of steam at home will now work abroad. Especially if it's fuelled by designers who have little connection to those foreign customers.

CANADA: Reliable Hosiery commits to African cotton Leonie Barrie | 11 Nov 11

Reliable Hosiery is the first Canadian company to join the Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) network, in a move that expands the scheme internationally and should help lift demand for sustainably produced African cotton.








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