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VIETNAM: Vinatex opens first high-quality suit plant Ngo Tuan | 12 Apr 10

Retailers including Marks & Spencer and C&A are among customers of a new suit plant that has just opened in Vietnam, which is also said to be the country's first high quality suit factory.

GERMANY: C&A backs organic cotton following tests just-style.com | 16 Feb 10

European retailer C&A says it remains committed to organic cotton after laboratory tests found its Bio Cotton clothing line was not tainted with genetically modified (GM) cotton as a recent media report claimed.

SWEDEN: H&M defends organic cotton after contamination report Joe Ayling | 26 Jan 10

Swedish retailer H&M has maintained that its organic cotton garments sourced from India were not contaminated with genetically modified seeds, amid a recent scare.

CHINA: Garment makers eye recovery as orders pick up Dominique Patton | 13 Oct 09

Chinese garment makers are seeing some signs of recovery in export markets but business remains tough after the financial crisis.

Speaking with style: Mike Barry, head of sustainable business, M&S Ben Cooper | 25 Sep 09

Recessions are difficult times for most retailers but Marks & Spencer (M&S) arguably has a harder time than most. Not only does it endure the leaner pickings all retailers suffer, but it does so under the glare of the media spotlight. That said, one area where it looks set to stay well ahead of the game is in the sustainability stakes, as Mike Barry, head of sustainable business at M&S, tells just-style.

Value clothing retailers shine amid recession just-style.com | 22 Sep 09

In a year that is likely to go down as one of the worst on record for the pan-European apparel industry, one sector continues to shine bright: value clothing. And one retailer that truly stands out here is Primark, a new report says. If the value players can continue to see off competitive pressures and ethical concerns, then they will continue to outperform.

FRANCE: Carrefour executive joins C&A Stuart Todd | 16 Sep 09

C&A has appointed Antoine Brieu as the managing director of its French subsidiary.

ARGENTINA: C&A quits country, closes 20 stores just-style.com | 1 Jul 09

Fashion retailer C&A is pulling out of Argentina, closing all 20 stores and cutting more than 1,000 jobs around the country.

INDIA: Bombay Rayon Fashion posts INR1.37bn FY profit just-style.com | 30 Jun 09

Fabric and apparel maker Bombay Rayon Fashion Ltd has posted a full-year consolidated net profit of INR1.37bn (US$28.6m).

SPAIN: Cortefiel names new MD for Springfield chain just-style.com | 19 Jun 09

Spanish fashion retailer Cortefiel has named Luis González Herrero as managing director for its Springfield chain.

Brazilian makers eye new markets at home and abroad just-style.com | 29 May 09

Despite having an ambitious export agenda via the Texbrasil promotion programme, many companies in Brazil’s textiles and apparel sector are more keenly focused on the domestic market where 200m consumers and economic growth beckon. Even foreign firms are getting in on the act too, as Jozef De Coster reports.

UZBEKISTAN: Child labour still rife in cotton fields just-style.com | 27 May 09

Despite moves by retailers including Tesco, Marks & Spencer and C&A to ban the use of cotton from Uzbekistan in their clothing and textile lines, the use of forced child labour was still widespread in the country’s most recent cotton harvest a new report claims.

IMB exhibitor news: PLM - who, what, where, when just-style.com | 15 Apr 09

In just under a week's time the world's fourth largest trade fair venue will open its doors to IMB 2009. The last IMB event in 2006 welcomed some 25,000 visitors to view the latest in apparel and textile technology from around 600 exhibitors.

UK: Organic market tops GBP100m, growth to slow just-style.com | 9 Apr 09

The unprecedented growth of organic clothing in the UK is expected to slow this year, having increased more than tenfold since 2002, according to latest figures by a leading certifier.

WORLD: Organic cotton sales up 63% to top US$3bn just-style.com | 2 Apr 09

Sales of organic cotton were up 63% to an estimated US$3.2bn in 2008, but the market is facing a glut as demand fails to keep pace with production, a new report suggests.

Chinese apparel industry repositioning for growth? just-style.com | 4 Feb 09

A massive shake-out is taking place in the Chinese apparel industry, as firms struggle to remain competitive against a backdrop of rising labour costs, the strengthening of the yuan, worker shortages and tighter pollution controls. However, as Jozef De Coster reports, some companies are re-positioning to get their businesses back on track.

FRANCE: C&A in distribution hub project near Paris just-style.com | 2 Sep 08

Industrial property developer ProLogis is to build a new 475,000-square-foot warehouse near Paris for C&A France, the French subsidiary of clothing retailer C&A, under the terms of a build-to-suit agreement.

Speaking with style: Janice Wang, CEO, Alvanon just-style.com | 28 Aug 08

With western high street stalwarts like Marks & Spencer, Topshop, Zara, H&M and C&A all setting their sights on China's 700m middle-class consumers, the pressure is on to make sure their investments generate as many sales as possible. Adapting their clothes sizes to Chinese body shapes is one sure way says Janice Wang, CEO of size and fit expert Alvanon.

Ethical trade climbs up the fashion industry agenda just-style.com | 8 Jul 08

In the wake of recent allegations about sourcing practices at three fashion retailers, Jozef De Coster looks at a pan-European organisation – the Business Social Compliance Initiative – which believes retailers should be supporting their suppliers, not just policing them.

SPAIN: Clothing resilient as retail boom ends just-style.com | 20 May 08

The Spanish retail boom of recent years has come to an abrupt end after the country’s rapid house price inflation has gone into reverse – but the fallout for the clothing market is likely to be less severe than other sectors according to new research.

EU: Adidas branding stance backed by court just-style.com | 10 Apr 08

Trademark protection afforded to Adidas’ distinctive three-stripe motif could extend to two-stripe marks if consumers are likely to confuse them, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

Are India’s clothing firms on track for higher growth? just-style.com | 11 Mar 08

Despite concerns from non-governmental organisations and trade unions in the West about India’s credentials when it comes to sweatshop labour and basic workers' rights, the country is eyeing ambitious growth plans for its textile and clothing industry over the next five years. But are the official targets realistic? asks Jozef De Coster.

Are fashion retailers doing enough to combat climate change? just-style.com | 2 Jan 08

As more and more fashion firms jump onto the eco bandwagon, with new initiatives to cut greenhouse gas emissions and use more recycled materials, just-style asks whether there is a real commitment to change or whether they are simply paying lip service to the green movement.

GERMANY: C&A launches 'We C&Are' eco plan just-style.com | 19 Dec 07

German budget-clothing chain C&A has launched a new eco plan dubbed We C&Are to cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 70,000 tonnes in 2008 and over 100,000 tonnes by 2010, just-style learned on Wednesday (19 December).

Uniqlo rolls out new look for global flagships just-style.com | 14 Dec 07

Fast Retailing Co today (14 December) opens its first Uniqlo brand casualwear store in France, making this the fifth overseas market for the firm following the UK, China, South Korea and the US. The Japanese company’s creative team talks to Michael Fitzpatrick about their mission to build a new urban cool image for its global flagships.

GERMANY: C&A to launch new store chain? just-style.com | 30 Nov 07

Retail chain C&A is reportedly planning to launch a new chain of budget stores next year, it has been reported.

CHINA: Topshop plans Shanghai store – report just-style.com | 22 Nov 07

UK fashion retailer Topshop is planning to open its first store in China, targeting Shanghai’s Superbrand Mall, according to reports.

VIETNAM: Garco 10 triples profit in first half just-style.com | 21 Aug 07

Garment No10 Company (Garco 10) has posted a first-half net profit of US$1.3m, easily beating the profit of US$0.95m posted for the whole of 2006.

UK: Women's wear market welcomes newcomers, says research just-style.com | 10 Aug 07

The UK women's wear market is entering a new cycle with major opportunities for new entrants, according to a report by Verdict Research.

UK: Marchpole optimistic despite YSL termination just-style.com | 8 Aug 07

Fashion brand management group Marchpole Holdings said, in its first interim management statement, that the board continues to believe it is well placed to withstand the termination of the YSL licence.








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