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CHINA: C&A to make retail debut in Shanghai just-style.com | 1 Mar 07

European fashion retailer C&A is stepping into China with plans to open four stores in Shanghai this spring.

INDIA: Bombay Rayon Fashions to buy UK’s DPJ Clothing just-style.com | 26 Feb 07

Indian textile and apparel group Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd is to buy a 70% stake in the UK’s DPJ Clothing Ltd, for about GBP1.54m ($US3.03m).

Who will win India’s retail war? just-style.com | 13 Feb 06

Now that India’s government has announced a partial lifting of its ban on foreign retailers setting up shop, apparel businesses must surely be queuing up for a slice of the country’s US$15bn clothing market. Mike Flanagan thinks not. He believes a one-brand rule and high import duties are slowing the countdown to India’s retail revolution.

C&A to cash in on children’s wear just-style.com | 12 Aug 05

European retailer C&A is known for good quality, fashionable clothing at low prices. The company’s headquarters are located in Brussels and Düsseldorf. C&A has about 30,000 employees and is expanding rapidly, as Sapna Arora reports

Orantez 'Fast React' Fast React | 24 Jan 00

Producing 35,000 garments per week overseas, with an order portfolio worth about £2 million at any one time, covering 100-150 live orders for a wide variety of customers, the potential variation of which orders to make, when, and by whom is enormous. Niki Tait visits the Orantez Clothing Company to find out how 'Fast React' has helped eliminate late deliveries whilst reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.









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