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Leonie Barrie | 24 Apr 2014

The Rana Plaza factory disaster has proved to be a catalyst for change in Bangladesh. While there has been criticism of the speed of the factory inspection process and efforts to improve worker safety, a timeline of major milestones shows that progress is being made.

Leonie Barrie | 3 Mar 2014

It's one thing for apparel brands and retailers to talk about sustainability and traceability across their supply chains, but another altogether to put it into practice. Indeed, new research reveals that despite the well-documented risk of sourcing forced-labour Uzbek cotton, many firms are still not taking enough steps to prevent its use in their products.

Lee Adendorff | 9 Dec 2013

What a difference a year makes for garment-making countries. While some were crippled by ongoing unrest, deadly factory fires and natural disasters, others saw exports increase in a critically competitive environment.

Petah Marian | 18 Sep 2013

As the focus in Bangladesh shifts to compensation payments for the victims and survivors of recent garment factory tragedies, an intriguing issue is coming to the fore: who, exactly, is culpable? While the factory owners and their current customers are obvious targets, what about retailers and brands who might have sourced there in the past? asks Petah Marian.

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Beth Wright | 29 Jun 2016

French hypermarket retailer Carrefour has invested in PLM to help unify the design and product development processes for its Tex private label clothing and accessories range.

Leonie Barrie | 30 Sep 2015

French hypermarket retailer Carrefour is offering its customers an online virtual fitting room service to “virtually” try on 40 items from its new Tex brand women's collection.

Richard Woodard | 10 Dec 2014

Discount retailer Lidl has pledged to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from its textile production by 1 January, 2020 - a move that has been welcomed by environmental pressure group Greenpeace.

Richard Woodard | 7 Nov 2014

Improved performance in Western Europe has helped the global retail industry to record steady growth of 5.3% in 2014, according to new market research.

Leonie Barrie | 19 Mar 2014

The committee set up to pay compensation to the victims of the Rana Plaza factory collapse aims to distribute US$2m to around 3,600 workers and families before the one-year anniversary of the tragedy on 24 April.

Leonie Barrie | 14 Mar 2014

Compensation payments to victims of the Rana Plaza factory collapse are due to start next month - but campaigners admit funds still fall far short of the $40m needed to make payments to all workers.

Dean Best | 5 Mar 2014

Carrefour, the world's second-largest retailer, today (5 March) reported higher 2013 profits as investment helped boost sales in France - with the company pledging to up capital expenditure this year.

Michelle Russell | 24 Feb 2014

Global unions and labour rights groups are calling for more brands to commit to the Rana Plaza compensation fund as the one year anniversary of the industrial disaster approaches.

Leonie Barrie | 29 Nov 2013

Eleven people, including a six-year-old boy, are said to have died during this year's cotton harvest in Uzbekistan, according to a new report.

Richard Woodard | 24 Oct 2013

Not enough progress has been made on delivering compensation to families and workers affected by the Rana Plaza building collapse, according to a new report from the Clean Clothes Campaign and the International Labour Rights Forum.

Leonie Barrie | 17 Oct 2013

Faced with ongoing international criticism and a ban on the use of Uzbek cotton by more than 136 international apparel brands and retailers, the country's government is for the first time allowing the International Labor Organization (ILO) to carry out inspections during the 2013 cotton harvest.

Katy Askew | 17 Oct 2013

Carrefour has booked sales growth in the troubled markets of France and China, pushing shares in the French retailer up in morning trade today (17 October).

Leonie Barrie | 15 Oct 2013

The group representing more than 90 clothing retailers and brands sourcing from Bangladesh has publicly named the country's first garment factory considered to pose an "immediate risk" to workers.

Leonie Barrie | 9 Oct 2013

The safety of Bangladesh's textile and garment industry has been called into question again today (9 October) after at least seven people were killed in a fire at a fabric factory at Sreepur in the district of Gazipur, around 40km north of Dhaka.

Michelle Russell | 8 Oct 2013

The CEO of Europe's largest retailer, Carrefour, has insisted the hypermarket format is "not dead", despite his conviction that "clicks and mortar are the future."

Richard Woodard | 24 Sep 2013

Fashion retailer C&A leads two top 10 lists charting organic cotton use, drawn up by non-for-profit organisation Textile Exchange in its 2012 Market Report.

Katy Askew | 30 Aug 2013

French retail giant Carrefour has booked an increase in first-half profits, boosted by a strong rebound in profitability at its domestic business.

Leonie Barrie | 31 Jul 2013

Adidas, Nike and Armani are among the top 20 most powerful international brands in China, according to new research, having worked out how to connect with the new sophisticated, value-driven consumer.

Michelle Russell | 18 Jul 2013

French retail giant Carrefour recorded an increase in sales in the second quarter and said business continued to improve at home.

Leonie Barrie | 31 May 2013

A group of US based retailers and brands working towards a new programme to improve fire and safety regulations in Bangladeshi garment factories is unlikely to finalise its plans until early July.

Katie Smith | 30 May 2013

French retail giant Carrefour has formed a joint venture with consumer goods distributor CFAO to develop stores across eight African countries.

Petah Marian | 15 May 2013

More retailers and brands have joined the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh ahead of the midnight deadline (15 May).

Petah Marian | 14 May 2013

Marks & Spencer has become the latest retailer to join the new Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord, which is intended to improve safety in the country's garment factories.

Petah Marian | 14 May 2013

US retailer Gap has said it will sign the new Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord, if the agreement on how disputes are resolved is modified.

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Leonie Barrie | 14 Oct 2013

The safety of Bangladesh's textile and garment industry has been called into question again after at least seven people were killed last week in a fire at a fabric mill. More than 50 people were also injured in the blaze at Aswad Composite Mills Limited, part of the Palmal Group.

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