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US: Kolon rejects DuPont trade secrets charges Richard Woodard | 19 Oct 12

Korean fibre business Kolon Industries has hit back against charges brought by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) over the alleged stealing of trade secrets from DuPont.

HONG KONG: Pacific Textiles trials biobased enzymes Leonie Barrie | 4 Oct 12

The use of bio-based enzymes as an alternative to traditional chemicals in the bulk production of cotton textiles can offer "significant sustainability benefits" according to trials carried out at Pacific Textiles Limited.

US: DuPont Sorona fibre extends apparel fabric options Leonie Barrie | 19 Sep 12

DuPont Biomaterials has taken the development of its Sorona fibres - which are made from a polymer derived from renewable plant sources such as corn instead of traditional petrochemical ingredients - to the next level with variants designed for trousers and jeans, seamless apparel and swimwear.

US: Court puts 20-year ban on Kevlar's Korean rival Leonie Barrie | 11 Sep 12

A US court has imposed a 20-year ban on Korean company Kolon to stop it from making and selling its Heracron aramid fibre, in a ruling that marks the end of a three-year battle in which DuPont accused the company of stealing trade secrets relating to its own Kevlar high strength fibres used in products like body armour.

HONG KONG: Trials show benefits of biobased textile enzymes Leonie Barrie | 24 May 12

The use of biobased enzymes as an alternative to traditional chemicals in the production of cotton knits can eliminate the need for caustic chemicals, as well as cut water and energy use and overall processing time, trials have shown.

China's new five-year plan to guide industry expansion Wang Fangqing | 31 Jan 12

Domestic market expansion, new materials development and the transfer of production bases are all priorities under the 12th five-year plan (2011 to 2015) for the domestic textile industry, released by mainland China's ministry of industry and information technology earlier this month.

just-style's research roundup Liz Hague | 14 Nov 11

Featured reports from just-style's research store this week include a detailed look at the footwear sectors in China and Mexico, Asos' focus on service and research into the Australian clothing retail sector.

just-style management briefing: Yarns and fibres see domestic sourcing shift MJ Deschamps | 1 Nov 11

The purchase of yarns, fibres and other materials from developing countries for rich country-controlled garment manufacturing has long been a cost-effective business practice. But many factors - including high shipping costs and delays in supplies - have caused companies in recent years to look for a supply chain that is closer to home.

Global news roundup Petah Marian | 20 Oct 11

The following is a round-up of apparel and footwear news from the world's local media. just-style has not checked these stories so cannot guarantee their accuracy.

US: DuPont invests $500m in new Kevlar facility Leonie Barrie | 10 Oct 11

DuPont is hoping for a 40% boost in the global production capacity of its high strength Kevlar fibres, best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armour, after opening a new $500m facility in South Carolina.

US: DuPont wins almost US$1bn in trade secrets suit Petah Marian | 15 Sep 11

DuPont has won almost US$1bn in damages against Kolon Industries in an intellectual property lawsuit around high strength fibres used in its Kevlar body armor.

US: Oeko-Tex label extends Sorona to infants' wear Leonie Barrie | 9 Sep 11

DuPont's Sorona polymer, which is made from renewable plant sources such as corn, has been awarded the stringent Oeko-Tex Class 1 certification which allows it to be used in textiles and clothing used by infants and toddlers.

DENMARK: Genencor adds sustainable textile enzymes | 14 Apr 11

Genencor, which makes a range of enzymes for textile pre-treatment and finishing, has added new products to its line-up including a sustainable range that includes enzymatic bleaching.

INDIA: DuPont strikes Nomex fabric deal with Arvind | 4 Feb 11

Science-based products giant DuPont has agreed a strategic alliance with India’s Arvind to make and market its Nomex flame-resistant fabrics on the sub-continent.

DENMARK: DuPont buys enzyme maker Danisco in $5.8bn deal | 10 Jan 11

US chemicals group DuPont has tabled a $5.8bn bid for Danish food ingredients and biofuels group Danisco – in a move that will also give it control of Genencor, which makes a range of enzymes for textile pre-treatment and finishing.

UK: London spotlights eco and ethical fashion | 11 Aug 10

Two major eco-textile and ethical fashion events will join forces in London this autumn when the Ethical Fashion Source exhibition runs alongside the fourth international RITE Group conference on sustainable textiles.

US: Triexta approved as new generic fibre name | 27 Mar 09

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ruled that fibres made from a renewably sourced polyester polymer called PTT have enough different properties to allow them to be classified under a new generic name – triexta.

JAPAN: New swimsuit material to hit market | 2 Jan 09

Tokyo-based textile manufacturer Opelontex Co has developed the world's first cationic dye-dyeable polyurethane elastic fibre "LYCRA®fiber T-909B" for swimwear that shows improved strength against swim pool chlorine and an original yarn feature that means it stretches softly and shrinks quickly.

US: Invista files lawsuit over nylon trade secrets | 14 Nov 08

Fibre producer Invista has filed a lawsuit against chemical company Rhodia for alleged theft and misappropriation of a chemical process technology used in the production of nylon 6,6.

US: Army chooses Milliken fabric for iCVC uniform | 6 Oct 08

Milliken & Company’s flame resistant Abrams fabric has been chosen for the United States Army’s improved Combat Vehicle Coverall (iCVC).

CHINA: DuPont nearing Sorona fibre polymer production | 18 Jun 08

US chemicals company DuPont is close to starting commercial production of its Sorona polymer in China, speeding up supply to the Asian textiles market.

US: DuPont updates Artistri digital printing inks | 4 Jun 08

DuPont Digital Printing has launched a new range of Artistri P5000 colour inks for direct-to-garment digital printing.

US: DuPont launches lighter weight fireman's suit | 21 May 08

DuPont has launched its new Tychem BR garment, certified to the National Fire Protection Agency in the US.

EUROPE: Chemical groups fined EUR243m over rubber cartel | 6 Dec 07

Five leading chemical groups have been hit with fines totalling EUR243.21m (US$353.9m) by the European Commission for taking part in a cartel for chloroprene rubber.

New innovations drive technical textiles and apparel | 10 Oct 07

From easy-care clothing to astronaut’s suits, innovations in intelligent apparel and technical textiles now span the whole market, from everyday benefits that make the wearer’s life easier to critical applications whose sole function is saving lives. Niki Tait takes a look at some of the latest advances in this field.

CHINA: Sinopec, DuPont form EVA joint venture | 24 Sep 07

A new joint venture to produce Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) resins in China has been set up by Sinopec Corp (the China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation) and DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers.

SWITZERLAND: Huntsman to increase textile dye prices | 25 Jul 07

Huntsman Textile Effects is increasing its prices in Europe in response to what it describes as “continued high crude oil, energy and transportation costs” and sharply rising raw material costs caused by the removal of certain preferential export tariffs in China from 1 July 2007.

US: DuPont launches new corn-based polymer for footwear, fibres | 7 Jun 07

DuPont has launched a second range of polymers made from renewable sources which can be used in a range of products including running shoes, ski boots and spandex fibres.

Digital textile printing on growth trajectory | 20 Apr 07

Digital technology is the fastest growing method of printing textiles, according to a report in the latest issue of Textile Outlook International. Between 2000 and 2005 digitally printed textile output rose by 300% to 70m square metres.

SOUTH KOREA: Hyosung ups capacity to meet spandex shortage | 7 Feb 07

South Korean fibre maker Hyosung is expanding production at its facilities in Korea and China to meet shortages in spandex. The company also said it has finalised a deal to buy Tongkook’s spandex facility in Zhuhai, China.


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