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3D virtual design and fit tools keep fashion on track Leonie Barrie | 15 Apr 20

With fashion supply chains around the world fracturing in the face of travel bans, factory shutdowns and remote working, tools such as 3D virtual design, fit and prototyping software are helping businesses to stay on track.

Fashion Enter gets 3D digital design boost from EFI Optitex Beth Wright | 28 Feb 20

Training and technical skills provider Fashion Enter is offering UK professionals hands-on experience with 3D digital design tools thanks to a collaboration with software developer EFI Optitex.

How 3D design tools drive leaner and cleaner production Hannah Abdulla | 13 Jan 20

Making the switch from a traditional fashion design process to 3D design and prototyping tools could save the industry billions of dollars in development samples, not to mention improved collaboration, productivity, and profits across the supply chain. An added bonus is reduced pressure on overflowing landfills.

EFI Optitex to host seminar on 3D in fashion Hannah Abdulla | 24 Sep 19

Fashion design software company EFI Optitex is hosting a seminar aimed at showing apparel suppliers and manufacturers how connecting the supply chain with 3D tools improves collaboration, productivity and profits. 

Centric Software integrates PLM and multiple 3D tools Beth Wright | 20 Sep 19

Centric Software is introducing a fully digital, 3D design and development workflow with integration to multiple leading 3D fashion solutions including those offered by CLO, Browzwear and EFI Optitex.

EFI acquired by Siris affiliate in US$1.7bn deal Beth Wright | 24 Jul 19

US digital printing specialist Electronics for Imaging (EFI) has been acquired by an affiliate of private equity firm Siris Capital Group for about US$1.7bn.

Texprocess 2019 – New solutions for speed and efficiency Beth Wright | 14 Jun 19

Industry 4.0 remained a buzz-word at the recent Texprocess and Techtextil technology trade shows in Frankfurt, Germany, with new tools allowing data to flow seamlessly from digital design and development all the way through the supply chain to help garment manufacturers cut costs, improve quality, increase productivity, speed time-to-market, reduce waste and stay competitive. Other highlights included virtual fit solutions, a new 3D body scanner, and robot-assisted sewing.

EFI bolsters Turkey presence with digital ink acquisition Hannah Abdulla | 8 May 19

US digital printing specialist Electronics for Imaging (EFII) has acquired BDR Boya Kimya, a Turkish-based manufacturer of reactive inkjet inks.

Digital innovation key to more sustainable workflow Beth Wright | 1 Feb 19

Today's textile and clothing sector is essentially on a fast track, where mass-production has led to overproduction, and where unthinkable quantities of unsold garments are discarded every day. Yet the industry is also ready to deploy emerging technologies to build, and more importantly, maintain a more sustainable workflow, according to a new white paper published on just-style.

Optitex develops 3D design illustrator Beth Wright | 7 Mar 18

3D design and prototyping software provider EFI Optitex has launched a plug-in tool that allows designers to validate and customise 3D garments in Adobe Illustrator.

Tips for success in the apparel industry's new era Beth Wright | 5 Mar 18

Faced with a paradigm shift in everything from the way raw materials are sourced, to how products are sold and the tools and technologies that make them, apparel brands and suppliers are still trying to work out the best way to navigate this rapidly-changing landscape. In the so-called 'new era', where speed is no longer an advantage but merely a necessity to remain competitive, there are nine key points that should be top of mind.

Optitex unveils 3D Design Illustrator for garments Michelle Russell | 29 Jan 18

3D digital design software specialist EFI Optitex has developed a new plug-in tool for clothing designers that will allow them the freedom to validate and customise 3D garments in Adobe Illustrator.

Texprocess 2017 – New software solutions for speed and efficiency Leonie Barrie & Beth Wright | 2 Jun 17

Digitalisation was a buzz-word at the recent Texprocess apparel technology trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, with new tools allowing data to flow seamlessly from digital design and development all the way through the supply chain to help garment manufacturers cut costs, improve quality, increase productivity, speed time-to-market, reduce waste and stay competitive.

3D CAD comes of age Michael Jaenecke and Niki Tait | 28 Mar 17

Although there are many continuous developments in technology, every so often a giant leap occurs with the potential to bring huge benefits to apparel retailers, brands and manufacturers. 3D CAD is undoubtedly the next major advance for the sewn products industry in a world where speed to market, cost reductions and the elimination of waste are paramount.

Fast Fashion – Tech tools to transform supply chains Andrew Burnyeat | 7 Nov 16

Most fast fashion brands span multiple brands, channels and countries – and technology can help revolutionise supply chains at all stages from prototype design to packing and shipping.

New 3D PLM platform enables faster decision making Michelle Russell | 5 Aug 16

Electronics For Imaging's Optitex software unit has integrated its software with PLM provider PTC, allowing apparel brands to leverage 3D technology to review and validate collections within a few weeks of design.

Quick wins a key part of the 3D virtual design puzzle Leonie Barrie | 13 Jul 16

While the fashion industry still grapples to find the best ways to leverage the business benefits of 3D design and virtual prototyping tools, some of the tips for building buy-in include inspiring trust in the technology, and identifying quick and obvious wins.

How virtual garments are set to shape fashion retail Leonie Barrie | 13 Jul 16

As well as offering new opportunities for apparel design and prototyping, 3D tools also have the potential to change the way retailers and brands interact with their customers.

EFI buys 3D software specialist Optitex for $52.8m Michelle Russell | 17 Jun 16

The digital transformation of the clothing industry could be set for a boost with the acquisition of 3D design and prototyping software firm Optitex by digital printing specialist Electronics For Imaging.

Group set up to standardise 3D body processing tools Leonie Barrie | 8 Jan 16

A new industry group has been set up to develop standards for the 3D scanning, modelling and visualisation technology being used in virtual and in-store retail shopping.

Fast fashion: Using technology for a sharper edge Lee Adendorff | 3 Nov 15

Sophisticated tools are now commercially available to analyse social media and combine social ‘chatter’ with sales data to have a transformative impact on fast fashion.

Optitex improves 3D simulation and sampling tool Leonie Barrie | 16 Jul 15

Optitex has introduced a new version of its O/Dev 3D Product Creation Suite featuring improvements in 3D simulation and more life-like digital samples.

Leveraging the business benefits of 3D virtual design Leonie Barrie | 6 Jul 15

While 3D design and virtual prototyping technology is already well-established in industries like architecture and automotives, the fashion industry is still grappling to find the best ways to leverage its business benefits.

Texprocess 2015: Software solutions enhance speed and visibility Leonie Barrie | 22 May 15

Tools for improved colour communication, 3D design and prototyping, and the integration of key business functions were unveiled at the recent Texprocess trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. And faster time-to-market, better quality, lower cost and increased productivity are among the benefits.

Texprocess 2015: Where next for 3D design and prototyping? Leonie Barrie | 18 May 15

There’s no doubt 3D design and virtual prototyping is a potential disruptor to the traditional way the apparel industry does business, from sampling and pattern making to the creation of 3D digital catalogues and a range of customer-centric services. And with it, comes debate on how the tools are re-writing the rules.

Texprocess: 3D CAD and Product Lifecycle Management Michael Jaenecke and Niki Tait | 6 Jan 15

3D CAD and Product Lifecycle Management are two technologies revolutionising the clothing industry. And vendors of these systems are among lining up for this year's Texprocess trade fair to help apparel retailers, brands and manufacturers navigate a range of industry challenges, including faster time-to-market and improved productivity.

OptiTex opens Italy office and taps country manager Katie Smith | 28 Oct 14

OptiTex, the developer of 2D and 3D CAD systems for the fashion industry, has opened an office in Milan, Italy, and appointed Antonio Sgroi as country manager.

3D technology: Size Stream measures up new market opportunities Leonie Barrie | 24 Sep 14

3D body scanners were first used to generate detailed size and shape data back in the late 1990s, and have since had a key role to play in helping retailers and brands create better-fitting garments. But as the technology improves, costs come down and the systems get smaller, the door is opening on a myriad of new opportunities, as Size Stream vice president David Bruner explains.

3D technology: Transforming the apparel workplace Lee Adendorff | 2 Sep 14

Many analysts describe 3D as 'disruptive' technology and its introduction into the apparel industry has not been without sceptics. But workplace examples show how apparel companies are successfully embracing 3D software.

3D technology: Apparel design and development Lee Adendorff | 2 Sep 14

Three-dimensional (3D) technology - while well established in many other industrial sectors like aerospace, architecture and industrial design - is still relatively new to the fashion industry.



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