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New software solutions for speed and efficiency

Digitalisation was a buzz-word at the recent Texprocess apparel technology trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, with new tools allowing data to...

3D CAD comes of age

Although there are many continuous developments in technology, every so often a giant leap occurs with the potential to bring huge benefits...

Leonie Barrie | 13 Jul 2016

While the fashion industry still grapples to find the best ways to leverage the business benefits of 3D design and virtual prototyping tools, some of the tips for building buy-in include inspiring trust in the technology, and identifying quick and obvious wins.

Leonie Barrie | 13 Jul 2016

As well as offering new opportunities for apparel design and prototyping, 3D tools also have the potential to change the way retailers and brands interact with their customers.

Leonie Barrie | 6 Jul 2015

While 3D design and virtual prototyping technology is already well-established in industries like architecture and automotives, the fashion industry is still grappling to find the best ways to leverage its business benefits.

Leonie Barrie | 22 May 2015

Tools for improved colour communication, 3D design and prototyping, and the integration of key business functions were unveiled at the recent Texprocess trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. And faster time-to-market, better quality, lower cost and increased productivity are among the benefits.

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Michelle Russell | 5 Aug 2016

Electronics For Imaging's Optitex software unit has integrated its software with PLM provider PTC, allowing apparel brands to leverage 3D technology to review and validate collections within a few weeks of design.

Michelle Russell | 17 Jun 2016

The digital transformation of the clothing industry could be set for a boost with the acquisition of 3D design and prototyping software firm Optitex by digital printing specialist Electronics For Imaging.

Leonie Barrie | 8 Jan 2016

A new industry group has been set up to develop standards for the 3D scanning, modelling and visualisation technology being used in virtual and in-store retail shopping.

Leonie Barrie | 16 Jul 2015

Optitex has introduced a new version of its O/Dev 3D Product Creation Suite featuring improvements in 3D simulation and more life-like digital samples.

Katie Smith | 28 Oct 2014

OptiTex, the developer of 2D and 3D CAD systems for the fashion industry, has opened an office in Milan, Italy, and appointed Antonio Sgroi as country manager.

Michelle Russell | 19 Dec 2013

OptiTex, the developer of 2D and 3D CAD systems for the fashion industry, has signed a deal with Jets Digital in a bid to leverage its position in Australia and New Zealand.

Leonie Barrie | 10 Sep 2012

OptiTex, the developer of 2D and 3D CAD systems for the fashion industry, is growing its business in Italy and expanding into the Asia-Pacific region with a new office in Hong Kong.

Katie Smith | 4 Jul 2012

OptiTex, the developer of 2D and 3D CAD systems for the fashion industry, has announced two appointments as parf of efforts to drive overseas growth and meet global demand.

Leonie Barrie | 12 Jun 2012

OptiTex, the developer of 2D and 3D CAD systems for the fashion industry, hopes to increase productivity, shorten time to market, and improve quality and fit through a new partnership with McNeel.

just-style.com | 1 Jul 2011

OptiTex, the developer of 2D and 3D CAD systems for fashion industry, is ramping up its expansion with the appointment of Amnon Shalev as its vice president of sales and marketing for Europe.

just-style.com | 4 Jan 2010

OptiTex has released a new software module to help users of its systems cut material waste and control production costs when handling smaller order sizes.

just-style.com | 9 Jul 2009

Clothing technology and research organisation [TC]² is extending the virtual fashion capability of its 3D body scanning hardware/software solutions.

just-style.com | 2 Jul 2009

OptiTex is launching a new device that enables companies to test fabrics in-house without having to use a costly, time-consuming external service.

just-style.com | 11 Jun 2009

OptiTex has upgraded the female avatar used in its 3D CAD solutions by creating additional poses, body measurements and shoulder pad fit options to help designers in the fashion market improve garment fit issues.

just-style.com | 26 Feb 2009

OptiTex is releasing an Arabic version of its design software, in a move to expand its reach to fashion firms in countries such as Tunisia, Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

just-style.com | 3 Feb 2009

Software firms OptiTex and C-Design have doubled up on their marketing efforts to offer fashion companies a broader range of design solutions.

just-style.com | 15 Oct 2008

OptiTex has added a new multi-language feature to its 3D Runway Designer tool which should boost communication between designers and their manufacturers around the world.

just-style.com | 16 Sep 2008

OptiTex has added a new tool to its 3D Runway Designer 10 software to give designers more control over the use of colour in their collections and convey this to manufacturers.

just-style.com | 27 May 2008

OptiTex has enhanced one of its core software products, 3D Runway Designer 10, with new tools to enhance remote collaboration between designers and production professionals.

just-style.com | 19 Oct 2007

OptiTex has launched a new and updated 3D male avatar to help men’s wear designers and manufacturers try out their designs in a virtual sampling process before moving to production.

just-style.com | 26 Sep 2007

New tools for design and product development have been launched by Zweave Inc as part of its on-demand product suite which is available by annual subscription.

just-style.com | 17 Jul 2007

Software developer OptiTex has released a new 3D tool to help designers, product development teams and customers create on-screen catwalk shows so that garments can be evaluated before sample making or manufacturing begins.

just-style.com | 16 May 2007

A new plugin that enables 3D designers, photographers, film makers, animators and illustrators to visualise the drape of virtual fabric has been launched as part of a free software package from DAZ|Studio.

just-style.com | 15 Mar 2007

Body armour maker ArmorSmith has signed a two year subscription agreement for Zweave Inc’s design automation software, which will help it manage product development data associated with the research and production of lightweight body armour solutions for military and civilian police.

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