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Esquel Group hits back at US Uyghur blacklist move Hannah Abdulla | 21 Jul 20

Hong-Kong headquartered Esquel Group, one of the world's leading shirt makers, has hit back at allegations from the US government its Chinese spinning mill is engaged in forced labour of Uyghurs.

Esquel pivots production to build private brand mask sales Wang Fangqing | 15 May 20

The Covid-19 pandemic has proved a mixed blessing for Hong Kong-based garment supplier Esquel. While export earnings have plummeted, the company has pivoted by adding non-medical use face masks to its product line, which it will sell under the company's own label Determinant.

Esquel shutters some factories as orders fall Leonie Barrie | 28 Apr 20

Hong Kong-based Esquel Group, one of the world’s largest woven shirt suppliers, is shuttering four factories in China, Malaysia and Mauritius as it struggles with falling orders during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Esquel CEO finds a way through US tariffs Wang Fangqing | 16 Dec 19

The US-China trade war has hit the Chinese clothing and textile export sector severely, but companies that have invested in manufacturing sites outside China have been better protected, Esquel Group vice chairman and CEO John Cheh has told just-style.

Esquel elevates green credentials with new Chinese facility Wang Fangqing | 5 Jun 18

Hong Kong-based Esquel Group, the world's largest woven shirt maker, has been bedding-in operations at a ground-breaking new $313.3m manufacturing complex launched in March. With a focus on sustainability, the Chinese facility is starting with the supply of premier blended cotton yarns, with a garment factory to follow – as CEO John Cheh tells just-style.

Esquel CEO emphasises efficiency and sustainability Wang Fangqing | 28 Nov 17

A leading and long-term supplier to global names such as Marks & Spencer, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and Hugo Boss, Hong Kong-based shirt manufacturer Esquel Group is testing a new territory as it broadens its sustainable horizons, as vice chairman and CEO John Cheh explains.

Esquel – From making shirts to making a difference Leonie Barrie | 26 Oct 17

Hong Kong-based textile and apparel giant Esquel Group has made it its mission to weave sustainability into its core values, and across a vertical supply chain that spans every step from cotton farming to retail. Using fewer but more skilled workers, increasing productivity, investing in robotics and automation, micro-financing cotton farmers, and even selecting the whitest cotton fibres to reduce the bleaching process are among the initiatives outlined by managing director Edgar Tung.

How to ensure sustainability is more than a slogan Wang Fangqing | 6 Dec 16

The annual Integral Conversation conference organised by Hong Kong-based textile and apparel giant Esquel Group this year heard how brands such as Patagonia are making sustainability more than a slogan.

Esquel backs sustainable Chinese Sea Island cotton supply Wang Fangqing | 8 Feb 16

Hong Kong-based Esquel Group, the major vertically integrated cotton to shirt supplier, is making progress in a research programme to develop a sustainable Chinese supply of Sea Island cotton – also known as extra-long staple (ELS) cotton – in Xinjiang.

Outlook 2016 – What else is on the apparel industry radar? Leonie Barrie | 8 Jan 16

We asked industry executives what keeps them awake at night? And when it comes to other issues the apparel sector should be keeping a close eye on in the year ahead, compliance and factory safety, geo-political risk, trade legislation and more agile supply chains are all cited as likely to have a bearing on whether or not 2016 turns out to be better than 2015.

Outlook 2016 – Strategies for sourcing success Leonie Barrie | 7 Jan 16

What should apparel firms be doing now if they want to remain competitive into the future? While a ‘one size fits all’ approach to sourcing no longer works, building integrated, collaborative, fast and flexible supply chains will help to separate the winners from the losers in 2016 and beyond.

Outlook 2016 – What's happening with apparel sourcing? Leonie Barrie | 6 Jan 16

How is the sourcing landscape likely to shift in 2016, and what strategies can help apparel firms and their suppliers to stay ahead? While dramatic sourcing shifts are unlikely and China continues to dominate, optimism hinges on potential opportunities from trade deals such as AGOA and TPP. Improving productivity and collaboration across the entire demand chain are also seen as key.

Outlook 2016 – Apparel industry challenges and opportunities Leonie Barrie | 5 Jan 16

Suppressed consumer spending on clothing, shoppers seeking on-demand customised products, pressure on pricing, and production cost inflation all add up to an uncertain year ahead for the apparel industry and its supply chain, according to first feedback from a panel of executives consulted by just-style.

Top ten interviews on just-style in 2015... Katie Smith | 23 Dec 15

Among the industry executives who spoke with just-style this year were William E Connor, chairman and CEO of William E Connor & Associates; Patagonia's director of social & environmental responsibility Cara Chacon; Frank Henke, global director of social and environmental affairs at German sporting goods giant Adidas Group; and Esquel Group vice chairman and CEO John Cheh. 

2015 – A year in review – Supplier winners and losers Lee Adendorff | 16 Dec 15

Investments in new facilities, automation and technology, and worker training schemes paid dividends for some apparel suppliers in 2015, while others were hampered by pay disputes and safety violations.

Top stories this week on just-style... Katie Smith | 4 Dec 15

The most-read stories on just-style this week include a look at the winning US apparel import countries, an interview with John Cheh, vice chairman and CEO of Esquel Group, on why automation is core to competitiveness, and a roundup of the latest launches and developments at this year's ITMA exhibition.

Esquel CEO says automation core to competitiveness Wang Fangqing | 1 Dec 15

While doomsayers have been waxing lyrically for the past two years about how the Chinese clothing industry could have a shaky future, John Cheh, vice chairman and CEO of Esquel Group, the Hong Kong-based vertically integrated cotton to shirt maker, is resolute in his optimism. 

Top stories this week on just-style... Katie Smith | 20 Nov 15

The most-read stories on just-style this week include a look at how C&A's overhaul of its fit and product development processes is paying dividends, Uniqlo and Toray ink a new sourcing deal aimed at reducing lead times and optimising production, and Cambodia approves a draft union law despite criticism. 

Clothing sector helps China to green its growth Wang Fangqing | 17 Nov 15

A conference on sustainability staged by Hong Kong-based textile and apparel giant Esquel Group has heard how China is making serious efforts to green its growth – and the clothing and textile sector is playing its part.

Top stories this week on just-style... Katie Smith | 30 Oct 15

The most-read stories on just-style this week include a look at Ethiopia's potential as an emerging apparel sourcing hub, the building blocks that will help Under Armour achieve its manufacturing vision, and Esquel Group investing $2.4m in Sea Island cotton research. 

Esquel Group invests $2.4m in Sea Island cotton research Leonie Barrie | 27 Oct 15

The development of cotton production in China is expected to benefit from a CNY15m (US$2.4m) genome sequencing project funded by vertically integrated cotton to clothing giant Esquel Group.

Sourcing in Africa: AGOA extension key Nicola Jenvey | 5 May 15

The United States’ African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA) has helped boost the apparel and textile sector in many African countries by giving them duty-free and quota-free access to the US market. And while many are keen to see the act renewed before it is due to expire on 30 September, some have benefited more than others.

China's apparel sector eyes more sustainable industry Elsa Reed | 26 Nov 14

China's clothing and textile manufacturers want to create a sustainable industry unreliant on cheap labour and poor environmental performance, but one that supplies competitive quality output that attracts international sales.

New scenarios driving sustainability in textiles Debra Cobb | 17 Nov 14

Driving meaningful change towards sustainability in textiles within organisations, within the industry, and with consumers topped the agenda at last week's Textile Exchange Conference.

Trade efforts and port bottlenecks top US apparel concerns Ed Zwirn | 7 Nov 14

Will America's mid-term elections this week make it more difficult to secure agreement on the critically important Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? That was one of the questions considered by US clothing industry leaders meeting in New York on Wednesday (5 November).

Guangdong Esquel Textiles bags SteP certification Katie Smith | 31 Oct 14

Guangdong Esquel Textiles Co has become the first company in China to gain the STeP by Oeko-Tex certification for sustainable textile production.

China tightens up on corporate social responsibility Jens Kastner | 16 Oct 14

Experts on China's textile and apparel industry say that international brands must take increasing care to ensure their sourcing is environmentally and socially responsible, ahead of an anticipated tightening of government restrictions.

ANALYSIS: Mauritius emerges as sustainable sourcing hub Michelle Russell | 21 May 14

Strategically located along the trading route between Asia and Africa, Mauritius is fast emerging as a major sourcing hub for textile and apparel products. Despite low-cost competition from Asia, the industry has successfully navigated its way through a plethora of challenges in the last few decades to emerge as a now high-tech, dynamic, and vertically integrated sector. Michelle Russell takes a closer look.

ANALYSIS: Mauritius makers upbeat for AGOA renewal Michelle Russell | 13 May 14

In little over a year, the AGOA trade preference programme is due to expire. The programme, which provides duty-free entry into the US for certain goods, has been particularly effective for Mauritian textile and apparel manufacturers, most of whom are optimistic the deal will be renewed. Michelle Russell reports.

Mauritius overview: Textile and apparel firms talk tactics Michelle Russell | 13 May 14

The Mauritian textile and apparel industry has overtaken sugar to become the country's largest export, with a turnover of around US$885m in 2013, a marginal increase of just 0.07% over the year before. Local textile and clothing manufacturers are working hard to sustain this growth, with several sharing their future ambitions with just-style.



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