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USA: Gerber Technology Strengthens European Team | 17 Sep 02

Gerber Technology today announced the appointment of Per Larsson as deputy regional director for Central Europe. Mr Larsson will be based in Munich and will report to regional director Werner Vetter. Prior to joining Gerber Technology, Per spent 10 years with Frigoscandia and FMC, leaders in the supply of material handling equipment and systems to the food, automation and heavy industries. Most recently he was chairman of the board of Frigoscandia/PPM AB, Sweden and general manager of FMC, Allen Systems, Newberg, Oregon, USA, where he was responsible for leading a business of US$40 million in revenue with 270 employees.

USA: Gerber Technology Reports $4m Q4 Apparel Profit | 30 Aug 02

Almost two weeks after it postponed the release of its latest results because of potential accounting irregularities, Gerber Scientific Inc has reported a narrower fourth quarter loss and significantly wider year loss. In the Apparel & Flexible Materials segment, fourth quarter revenue was $36.9 million compared with revenue of $43.5 million; while segment profit increased to $4.0 million from a loss of $14.1 million last year.

USA: Gerber Opens 14th Chinese Office, Two More Planned | 14 Aug 02

Twenty years after it first set foot in the country, Gerber Technology is continuing its Chinese expansion. The latest sales and service office in Nanjing, China brings the number of Gerber's Chinese offices to 14 - and the company also plans to open offices in the cities of Dongguan and Ningbo before the start of 2003.

USA: Banks To Extend Gerber Scientific's Credit Facility | 30 Jul 02

Gerber Scientific Inc, parent of CAD/CAM supplier Gerber Technology, yesterday said it has obtained amendments and an extension to its bank credit facility, but will delay filing its fiscal 2002 annual report in order to complete an ongoing independent review. "We are pleased with the positive outcome of our negotiations with the company's bank group," said Marc T Giles, president and chief executive officer. "We believe the company's existing cash balances, anticipated cash flows and borrowings against this credit facility will be sufficient to meet its operating requirements."

Malaysia: adding value to apparel | 19 Jul 02

Malaysia's apparel industry already ranks alongside Morocco, Poland, Spain, Sri Lanka and Tunisia in terms of its clothing exports, and labels such as Adidas, Calvin Klein, Camel, Guess, Gucci, and Nike are among those who have discovered it has much to offer. The country is now gearing up to supply the higher end of the apparel market - as Niki Tait found on a recent visit to the country.

USA: Gerber's Fred Rosen Takes Up Paxar VP Post | 18 Jun 02

Fredric K Rosen, the former chairman of Gerber Technology Inc, has taken up the position of vice president global business development and technology at merchandising systems supplier Paxar Corporation. He will report to Paul J Griswold, president and chief executive officer. From 1988 to 2001 Mr Rosen held the position of president and CEO at Gerber Technology. During that time he was instrumental in building the business into an industry leader in the manufacture of CAD/CAM equipment and information systems for apparel, automotive and other industrial applications.

USA: Peter Tredwin Joins Tukaweb As COO | 12 Jun 02

Tukaweb Inc, the innovative company providing CAD/CAM solutions via the Internet and through its network of Tukacenters, has appointed industry veteran Peter Tredwin as its chief operating officer. Until January 2001 Peter was vice president, sales and world marketing for Gerber Technology Inc. Prior to this, he served in senior sales and marketing positions with Pfaff, Durkopp and Rimoldi, all global suppliers of sewing technology.

USA: Gerber's New Accumark Targets Chinese, Indian Firms | 27 May 02

Gerber Technology has designed its latest AccuMark Advanced Edition (AE) to assist manually-driven organisations in China and India automate their pattern making, grading, marker-making and pre-cutting operations.

USA: New Gerber Software To Run Under Windows XP | 24 May 02

By July of this year, all new versions of Gerber Technology's software products will run under Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows XP. But the company adds that most of the upcoming releases will also operate under Microsoft's Windows 2000 and Windows NT operating systems - and that customer service support will be provided for all applications in the operating system under which they were originally released.

Check mate | 2 Apr 02

As most apparel manufacturers know all too well, working with checks and stripes is complex, time consuming and costly in terms of both material and labour. In this feature Niki Tait discusses why marker making, spreading and cutting each present their own challenges, and looks at how the major CAD companies deal with the problems.

USA: Demand For Digital Sampling Still Low - Report | 22 Mar 02

Ten per cent of all US textile and apparel firms say they need more samples and are having trouble getting them from their suppliers according to market information firm TrendWatch. Its new report 'Textile Sampling & Prototyping: Is it digital yet?' says the textile and apparel industry today is in many ways in the position the traditional graphic design industry was in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Mass customisation: have it your own way! | 12 Mar 02

If mass production was about making more, then mass customisation is about producing the right product, adapted to individual tastes at the right price. Driving this change is technology that allows clothing manufacturers to manipulate designs quickly at minimal cost, and produce in shorter and more cost-effective runs. Niki Tait reports.

USA: James Arthurs And Sam Simpson In Gerber Promotions | 4 Feb 02

Gerber Technology, provider of an extensive line of integrated computer hardware and software systems to the sewn-goods industry, has announced two senior level appointments for two long-standing staff members: James Arthurs has been promoted to executive vice president and Sam Simpson moves up to the position of executive director, global sales.

Hi-tech clothing customisation Bobbin Publishing Group | 2 Jan 02

Imagine your favourite brand, custom made for you. Twenty years ago when Robert Holloway, Archetype CEO, first began his career in the apparel industry, that was a veritable pipe dream. But with the emergence of new technologies, Holloway and Archetype have made that dream a reality and have now teamed up with catalogue giant Lands' End to offer customised apparel at competitive prices.

GERMANY: Gerber and Colour AIXperts In Colour Match | 21 Dec 01

Having identified that the ability to reproduce, test and control colour data is one of the major issues in the soft goods supply chain, Munich-based Gerber Technology and Color AIXperts of Aachen are to team up in a new sales and marketing initiative. The alliance between the two companies will provide industry users with a turnkey solution for colour matching and communicating design information by combining Gerber Design System's Artworks Studio with Color AIXperts' software and hardware.

USA: Gerber And Eton Sign UPS Agreement | 3 Dec 01

As part of a company-wide strategic review carried out by Gerber Technology earlier this year, the US-based company has now signed a letter of intent with Eton Systems AB of Sweden to reinforce its unit production system (UPS) solutions. The agreement between the two parties, which should be finalised over the next 60 days, will see Gerber incorporate Eton's UPS product range within its GerberSuite solutions portfolio, and extend its worldwide distribution network to Eton's sales organisation. Eton will assume aftermarket responsibilities for the GerberMover product line, which recently ceased production.

USA: Software Can Reduce Leather Cutting Costs | 14 Sep 01

A multi-computer approach to leather hide nesting has been introduced by Gerber Technology as an option on its Taurus leather cutter. The company claims that each additional SimulNest station typically improves material utilisation by an extra 1-2 per cent over the 1-4 per cent achieved with the standard Taurus installation. As a result, it says, users may realise a return on investment within one year.

Disney's corporate clothing is no Mickey Mouse business! | 12 Sep 01

Walt Disney World's creative costuming department is responsible for developing over 3,500 different outfits for 55,000 staff working within the theme park's 48 square miles. A recent tour of the facilities provided Niki Tait with an opportunity to see how the 'cast members,' as they are called, manage the delicate balance between cost and creativity.

Bobbin World's technology spotlight | 3 Sep 01

Established alongside IMB in Cologne and JIAM in Japan as one of the three global exhibitions for apparel technology, the organisers of this year's Bobbin World could not help but be disappointed by a low visitor turnout. Unfortunate timing, which coincided with a backdrop of increased global competition, retail pressures, rising material costs and economic downturn meant that the show was a quiet affair, with technical innovations few and far between. Niki Tait and Leonie Barrie report.

Strong swimmers Bobbin Publishing Group | 13 Aug 01

Swimwear firm Lunada Bay Corp has successfully manoeuvred through turbulent seas of change with a focused balance of creativity and business acumen, plus a strong team spirit. By Julie McElwain.

Bobbin World 2001: let the show begin! Bobbin Publishing Group | 6 Aug 01

With exhibitors planning to offer the latest in software, machinery, fabrics and more, Bobbin World kicks off next week with something for the entire sewn products industry - as this preview shows.

Madura Garments discusses expansion plans | 1 Aug 01

Sales of branded apparel already account for 30 per cent of the Indian market, and are set to soar even higher over the next couple of years. Madura Garments is the leading and largest branded clothing company in India, and also produces apparel under contract for Marks and Spencer, Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. As Niki Tait found out on a recent visit, the company is now set to increase its local market share and has plans to take on the rapidly developing export market.

Bobbin World opens 'windows' to new technology Bobbin Publishing Group | 25 Jul 01

Bobbin World 2001, a triennial worldwide sewn products expo, will offer networking opportunities and new products and services for the entire sewn products industry. Taking place August 15-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, the show will have the theme of "Windows to Your World" and feature a streetscape showcasing finished products from eight industry segments, including apparel, upholstered furniture, home textiles, transportation interiors, leather goods, footwear and technical textiles.

CAD's online opportunities | 23 Jul 01

For several years now the Internet has been used to send technical information files containing markers, cutting instructions, patterns, and automatic embroidery sewing details around the world. New technological developments mean that the possibilities are increasing even further says Niki Tait, who looks at some of the developments offered by CAD and related companies now responding to these opportunities.

Restructuring puts Gerber back on track | 6 Jul 01

Difficult US economic conditions, general global uncertainty, slow demand for capital equipment, and the prolonged weakness of the Euro were all cited by Gerber Technology when it announced a restructuring of its operations at the end of May. Redundancies, discontinued product lines and a consolidation of its facilities have all been undertaken in an effort to reduce costs. In this interview, Marc Giles, president and CEO of Gerber Technology talks about the changes this hi-tech systems and solutions provider has been through - including its new product/business management organisation, the demise of Gerber Information Systems, and the world market for CAD/CAM.

California energy crisis a hot topic at SPELA | 8 Jun 01

While power has always been a consideration for many apparel-producing regions, the US state of California is just waking up to its energy crisis. With electricity and the economy uppermost in their minds, manufacturers and industry veterans who attended the recent Sewn Products Expo Los Angeles had one thing in common: to create a leaner, meaner apparel company.

SAMAB showcases diverse products for specialised market Bobbin Publishing Group | 30 May 01

Italy's first trade show in the new millennium offered a wide range of technology innovations - from computers and software to cutting and sewing room equipment.

USA: Ludolph Moves From Assyst-Bullmer To Justwin Technologies | 23 Apr 01

Justwin Technologies, a provider of web-based supply chain, pre-production documentation, and process management solutions for the apparel, footwear and textile Industries has appointed Rick Ludolph as its executive vice president, responsible for marketing, strategic partnerships, and business development for North American operations.

CHINA: Gerber Technology Launches Chinese Website | 7 Mar 01

Gerber Technology has launched its new Chinese language website at In addition to offering information of local interest, the site also includes product information, news releases and employment postings. "Over the past few years, sales of Gerber's automation solutions throughout Chinese speaking countries have increased dramatically," explained James Arthurs, Gerber's international vice president. "Inhabitants of these countries deserve access to information in their native language."

USA: Gerber Technology To Restructure Global Operations | 5 Mar 01

Gerber Technology, a subsidiary of Gerber Scientific, Inc announced global restructuring plans intended to lower its operating costs in response to evolving worldwide market dynamics. The restructuring will bring the company closer to the customer by more closely aligning resources with global and industry requirements, reducing management layers, and eliminating redundant activities, a press release said.








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