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Restructuring puts Gerber back on track | 6 Jul 01

Difficult US economic conditions, general global uncertainty, slow demand for capital equipment, and the prolonged weakness of the Euro were all cited by Gerber Technology when it announced a restructuring of its operations at the end of May. Redundancies, discontinued product lines and a consolidation of its facilities have all been undertaken in an effort to reduce costs. In this interview, Marc Giles, president and CEO of Gerber Technology talks about the changes this hi-tech systems and solutions provider has been through - including its new product/business management organisation, the demise of Gerber Information Systems, and the world market for CAD/CAM.

California energy crisis a hot topic at SPELA | 8 Jun 01

While power has always been a consideration for many apparel-producing regions, the US state of California is just waking up to its energy crisis. With electricity and the economy uppermost in their minds, manufacturers and industry veterans who attended the recent Sewn Products Expo Los Angeles had one thing in common: to create a leaner, meaner apparel company.

SAMAB showcases diverse products for specialised market Bobbin Publishing Group | 30 May 01

Italy's first trade show in the new millennium offered a wide range of technology innovations - from computers and software to cutting and sewing room equipment.

USA: Ludolph Moves From Assyst-Bullmer To Justwin Technologies | 23 Apr 01

Justwin Technologies, a provider of web-based supply chain, pre-production documentation, and process management solutions for the apparel, footwear and textile Industries has appointed Rick Ludolph as its executive vice president, responsible for marketing, strategic partnerships, and business development for North American operations.

CHINA: Gerber Technology Launches Chinese Website | 7 Mar 01

Gerber Technology has launched its new Chinese language website at In addition to offering information of local interest, the site also includes product information, news releases and employment postings. "Over the past few years, sales of Gerber's automation solutions throughout Chinese speaking countries have increased dramatically," explained James Arthurs, Gerber's international vice president. "Inhabitants of these countries deserve access to information in their native language."

USA: Gerber Technology To Restructure Global Operations | 5 Mar 01

Gerber Technology, a subsidiary of Gerber Scientific, Inc announced global restructuring plans intended to lower its operating costs in response to evolving worldwide market dynamics. The restructuring will bring the company closer to the customer by more closely aligning resources with global and industry requirements, reducing management layers, and eliminating redundant activities, a press release said.

Mexico: mapping out a course of action Bobbin Publishing Group | 29 Jan 01

Industry leaders at the 24th National Congress of the Cámara Nacional de la Industria del Vestido agreed that Mexico's apparel industry must make important changes if it is to remain a major global player in the 21st century. Bobbin's Jordan K. Speer reports.

USA: Gerber Technology Introduces Artworks WebDraping | 16 Jan 01

Gerber Technology has introduced Artworks WebDraping, an automated web page development tool that enables users to drag-and-drop textures and fabrics onto digital photographs and sketches for 3D simulation. The product does not require web designers to render every combination of a final product.

Mass Customisation: why is it the new trend? | 22 Dec 00

The term 'mass customisation' is increasingly used within the apparel industry. But as often happens with new concepts and terminologies, there appears to be a high level of confusion about what the term actually means. There is also a certain degree of scepticism throughout the industry towards the whole philosophy. Niki Tait goes back to basics and asks some of the leading CAD companies where they think the future lies.

TURKEY: Gerber Technology Signs Up Turkpro | 20 Dec 00

Gerber Technology and Turkish agent Glengo Tekstil Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S. have enlisted the support of Turkpro A.S. to act as sub-agents for the company's Product Data Management (PDM and WebPDM) software in Turkey. Gerber Technology's WebPDM software has been designed specifically for the apparel market, acting as an electronic filing cabinet, storing all the details related to a particular product including measurement specifications, construction details, costings, photographs and design sketches.

Technology spotlight: software and systems Bobbin Publishing Group | 18 Dec 00

The year 2000 saw many new product introductions and technology debuts. From e-commerce innovations to CAD systems to efficient automation, suppliers were focused on streamlining the apparel supply chain as well as developing business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) tools. In this, the first installment of a two-part round-up, we take a closer look at some of the latest offerings.

USA: ThreadeXchange Allies With Gerber Technology | 17 Nov 00

ThreadeXchange today announced a comprehensive partnership with Gerber Technology ( ).ThreadeXchange will fully integrate the Gerber WebPDM (Product Data Management) software into its global sourcing solution and will serve as the first online business-to-business Application Service Provider (ASP) host of the software. Retailers and wholesalers already enabled with Electronic Data Interface (EDI) capability can use both the WebPDM software, as a Data Trade Zone, as well as ThreadeXchange's full-service apparel sourcing solution. The WebPDM platform will allow users to automatically upload relevant portions of their costing programme and all other related data, as well as integrate this information into the ThreadeXchange website. This allows ThreadeXchange's customers to submit and manage all of their data online, design products and patterns, and handle inputs. The WebPDM software also helps retailers and producers shorten development cycles, track changes in product specifications, costing information and materials availability - preventing costly communication errors and delivery disruptions - and avoid miscommunication by serving as an "electronic file cabinet" for measurement specifications, billing information, photographs, and even video and voice files. "Through this partnership with ThreadeXchange, Gerber customers, both current and future, will now be able to extend their data management capabilities to incorporate actual sourcing and production of goods," said John Roberts, vice president at Gerber Technology. "In addition to software integration, we are pleased to announce that ThreadeXchange will also be our initial partner for the ASP component of our broader B2B strategy."

USA: Gerber Announces B2B E-Commerce Initiative | 16 Nov 00

Gerber Technology, a subsidiary of Gerber Scientific Inc, has announced the first steps in a new initiative to enable companies to take better advantage of the B2B and e-commerce opportunities being offered to the apparel and soft goods industries. This initiative will allow Gerber's WebPDM (Product Data Management) customers to harness the power of the Internet by providing a simple and direct interface to the world's leading Internet sourcing and content websites.Gerber customers are increasingly using the Internet to improve and accelerate their product development process. This initiative will enhance WebPDM's role in this process through the following three major elements:

USA: Marc T. Giles To Take Lead At Gerber Technology | 27 Oct 00

Gerber Scientific today announced the appointment of Marc T. Giles to the position of president, Gerber Technology, the company's apparel and flexible materials business, effective November 29, 2000. Fredric K. Rosen, who led Gerber Technology for the past 12 years, becomes chairman of the subsidiary and will help Giles during a transitional period. Both Mr Rosen and Mr Giles will report directly to Gerber Scientific chairman and chief executive officer, Michael J. Cheshire.Giles comes to Gerber from FMC Corp, a $4bn per year producer of machinery and chemicals for industry and agriculture. During his 12-year tenure with FMC, he held a number of senior positions in sales and marketing management, strategy development, and mergers and acquisitions. Most recently he was division manager, food systems and handling. In this capacity, he integrated four separate businesses, built a new management team, and restructured the division, forming strategic alliances with international and domestic firms to foster growth, increase sales, and improve profitability. "Marc Giles is a performance-driven executive with strong leadership and strategic skills," stated Cheshire. "His proven ability to launch and build new ventures based on creative, yet solid, business strategies makes him a terrific addition to Gerber's senior management team. We're delighted to have him on board.""Fred Rosen made many important contributions, including a number of acquisitions that positioned Gerber Technology as the world leader in the design and production of apparel and flexible materials. Fred's continued involvement will ensure a smooth management transition," Cheshire said.

GERMANY: Gerber Launches Web-Based PD Tool Jane Mallin | 24 Oct 00

Leading integrated computer hardware and software provider Gerber Technology announced last week the launch of a new e-business solution. The company has invested $20m in WebPDM spec and WebPDM B2B, which are based on the existing WebPDM v3.8, and will continue to provide a further $5m a year, said Marc Jaspers, managing director Europe at Gerber Technology's Information System Division. The new products have been designed to manage the time-consuming and costly product development process for the apparel industry.Gerber said that 27 companies, which were based in Europe, the USA, and Asia, and were split equally between the manufacturing and retail sectors, were quizzed on their product development needs. The companies' responses dictated the development of the final versions of the WebPDM products.Product development, a process that has been managed in the electronic, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries for some years, is still not managed by the apparel industry, Jaspers claimed. Speaking at a press conference held in Germany last week, he added that it was time the apparel sector caught up with other businesses: "Product development is still considered an art, but - although creativity is important - this is a business procedure like all the others in the company."At the moment, anywhere from four to eight departments get involved in product development: collection designers, marketing, the costing estimation department, quality, buyers, raw materials, sample makers, sales staff, the e-commerce division and all the offshore manufacturers that produce the garments. Although all those departments are necessary to develop the style, often nobody in the whole organisation is managing the process."

Pattern data exchange standards development revived Bobbin Publishing Group | 23 Oct 00

Communication of pattern data between different CAD/CAM systems is one of the most frustrating problems facing apparel and sewn products firms. But efforts are under way to resolve the complex issue says Kurt Chang of 3D Custom Fit.

USA: Gerber Technology Appoints New COO Jane Mallin | 23 Oct 00

Bernard Demko has been appointed to the newly created position of executive vice president and COO of Gerber Technology, subsidiary of Gerber Scientific, the company announced last week. He will report to Frederick K. Rosen, president, Gerber Technology. Michael Cheshire, Gerber Technology CEO and chairman, said: Bernie has an extensive understanding of Gerber Technology's business as well as strong financial and systems skills. He will strengthen our leadership team and make significant contributions to the company's future.Prior to his promotion, Mr Demko was VP and corporate controller at Gerber Scientific, where he was responsible for financial reporting and planning and leadership of the company's SAP enterprise resource planning systems implementation.

Colour by numbers | 18 Oct 00

Increased global sourcing, reduced order sizes and the demand for quicker response all mean that electronic colour management is of growing importance within the garment supply chain. But what actually is colour management, how can it provide benefits to the apparel and textile industries, and how does it work? To find out, Niki Tait spoke with representatives from the two leading international colour management companies: Sue Williams, European textile marketing manager at Gretag Macbeth, and Glenn Littlewood, Colorite European industry manager for Datacolor.

Navy uniform project measures up | 26 Sep 00

For what is thought to be the first time in Europe, a company is making true made-to-measure by linking 3D body scanning direct to automatic pattern making, automatic marker making, and automatic cutting.

Supply chain integration at Carli Gry | 12 Jul 00

Carli Gry International, the Danish designer and supplier of high fashion garments, has invested around DKK70 million (£6.5 million) to ensure that it continues to meet the changing needs of the international clothing industry. New, integrated IT systems have helped strip out inefficiencies from its supply chain - which links 100 manufacturers within 20 countries - and enable the company to respond immediately to fashion trends and last minute orders. Carli Gry is also set to begin Internet trading with its 3,500 retail customers, and expects a significant proportion of its revenues (which were DKK 1.4 billion in 1999) to come from this medium within the next few years.

Good morning, Vietnam! | 5 Jul 00

As more and more western companies are sourcing from cheaper labor cost countries offshore, the potential for manufacturing in Vietnam is now becoming a serious proposition. The country already exports clothing worth almost US$2 billion per annum to customers around the world. And the government has announced plans to invest a further US$3-4 billion across its apparel production and supply chain infrastructure over the next ten years. But what is its potential, where are the pitfalls, how is the industry structured, and what do its manufacturers have to offer? This article sets the scene.

UK: New PDP Associate Partner Shows True Colours | 30 May 00

New links that will enable major retailers and manufacturers managing global supply chains to reduce the time it takes to generate, select, design, match, approve and re-order colours from six weeks to less than one week, allowing products to reach the shelves while colours are still 'hot', have been announced by the fashion industry's integrated technology group, the Product Development Partnership (PDP).

Facing Change, Customization: Auto Interiors Firms Seek Flexibility Bobbin Publishing Group | 28 Apr 00

Automotive interiors manufacturers continue to strive for improved efficiency and flexibility, as they respond to the ever-changing needs of the industry's original equipment manufacturers and, increasingly, the end consumer. by Kathleen DesMarteau and Shawn Meadows, Bobbin To subscribe to Bobbin, please visit

Automate, emigrate or evaporate | 26 Apr 00

A recent US conference and study tour looked at the role played by new technology against a backdrop of off-shore sourcing, quick response and made-to-measure. Its conclusions make interesting reading. For instance, Gerber Technology's James Arthurs explained that for the western apparel industry to survive it must emigrate production to cheaper labor cost countries. Cliff Battle, from the men's wear company Structure, warned that in true supplier/retailer partnerships, both need to work together to make and sell good quality garments at a profit. To make this relationship work, his company enforces a strict quality assurance code. An alternative to importing production is to offer quick response and mass customization, and made-to-measure suit manufacturer Pietrafesa has over four years' experience in this field.

USA: Gerber Technology and Animated Images to form apparel B2B venture | 10 Apr 00

Gerber Scientific (NYSE: GRB) has signed a letter of intent with Internet Capital Group Inc (NASDAQ: ICGE) to form a new venture in the online apparel industry. The transaction is expected to close within 30 days.The planned venture will build and operate a global business-to-business (B2B)e-commerce site for designing, sourcing, and manufacturing apparel and sewn goods.

Setting store by design Company Clothing | 13 Mar 00

Heightened competition between the retailers is putting greater pressure than ever on all those within the clothing industry - not least the designers, retailers, store designers and merchandisers who are increasingly turning to 3D visual merchandising, store layout and communication systems. Consumers are getting more demanding. No longer is it enough to have the right mix of designs and co-ordinated ranges in the right place, at the right time and at the right price, but the garments must be displayed to make the most efficient and attractive use of space within the retail store.

Back to the future Company Clothing | 11 Feb 00

Niki Tait attempts to look into a crystal ball and predict how CAD will develop in the years to come. Due to its very competitive nature, future developments from any of the CAD companies are probably some of the industry's best kept secrets, and thus trying to predict what apparel CAD packages will be like two years down the line, let alone ten, can only be a matter of speculation. However, one can look at past and present trends and recent developments, as well as talking to the CAD companies themselves, to try and draw a picture.

Duck Head Apparel Company Clothing | 5 May 99

NikiTait visits one of the fastest growing clothing brands in the US. "It all started back in 1865. Backwhen we manufactured denim overalls and jackets for the nation's railroad workers. Goodand sturdy clothes, just right for the times, these were the hardy ancestors of the DuckHead brand. Next, came the humble khaki. Sporting the world's first Duck Head logo in1978, the khaki classic, easy going style was in big demand on college campuses throughoutthe south east (USA). Its unparalleled popularity started a whole new generation of DuckHeads. To be sure, the world wanted more of our unique brand of quality. Soon, there wereDuck Heads in fine retail and department stores everywhere. Comfortable, casual clothesyou could tell were cut from a higher grade of fabric. More Duck Heads. Today, there areall kinds of Duck Head pants, shirts, shorts and skirts offered in a wide variety ofstyles and colours, worn by people of all ages and all walks of life", explains themanagement of Duck Head.

Designs on CAD Company Clothing | 18 Dec 98

As the world's major clothing retailers continue to narrowtheir supply base and build closer, long term relationships, the importance of making agood first impression has never been more critical. And it is here that advances inCAD/CAM come into their own.









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