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Who's signed the Bangladesh '2018 Accord' – Update

More than half of the 220 companies who signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh have now committed to the new agreement...

just-style.com | 3 Jan 2007

Japan’s consumers are giving a big thumbs-up to new clothing that gives the wearer a workout without the need for normal exercise. The garments promise to firm up muscles and change the shape of a person’s body – and not surprisingly sales are booming, as Michael Fitzpatrick reports.

Company Clothing | 13 Mar 2000

Heightened competition between the retailers is putting greater pressure than ever on all those within the clothing industry - not least the designers, retailers, store designers and merchandisers who are increasingly turning to 3D visual merchandising, store layout and communication systems. Consumers are getting more demanding. No longer is it enough to have the right mix of designs and co-ordinated ranges in the right place, at the right time and at the right price, but the garments must be displayed to make the most efficient and attractive use of space within the retail store.

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Hannah Abdulla | 12 Jul 2017

Cherokee Global Brands, owner and marketer of brands including Cherokee and Hi-Tec, has entered into a license agreement to expand its Hi-Tec and 50 Peaks brands in several key growth categories in North America.

Michelle Russell | 15 Dec 2016

Brand management firm Cherokee Inc has signed new licensing deals for its Hi-Tec and Magnum footwear brands with Carolina Footwear and India's Batra Group.

Michelle Russell | 30 Nov 2016

Brand management firm Cherokee Inc has inked a deal to acquire global footwear firm Hi-Tec Sports International for US$95.8m.

just-style.com | 12 Oct 2010

UK-based outdoor clothing and footwear firm Hi-Tec is moving the corporate headquarters of its US subsidiary from Modesto in California to Portland, Oregon.

just-style.com | 21 Dec 2009

P2i Inc, the company behind the Ion-mask liquid repellent nano-coating technology, has expanded its presence in the US market with the appointment of Joy Gruver as sales manager for footwear and performance textiles.

just-style.com | 7 Jul 2008

Footwear company Hi-Tec is to launch a collection of footwear made waterproof by ion-mask enhancement, a plasma treatment originally developed to protect soldiers from chemical attack and patented by Oxford UK-based P2i Ltd.

just-style.com | 11 Jan 2008

Footwear brand Hi-Tec has teamed up with UK high street chain River Island to re-launch its 80’s style ‘Hi-Tops’.

just-style.com | 18 Oct 2007

Hi-Tec Sports USA is to launch its athletic footwear in the US and Canada after signing a licensing deal with Bordan Shoe Company.

just-style.com | 18 Oct 2007

Hi-Tec Sports USA is to launch its athletic footwear in the US and Canada after signing a licensing deal with Bordan Shoe Company.

just-style.com | 18 Sep 2007

Outdoor sportswear firm Hi-Tech has reached a master license deal to distribute its shoes in India, it has been reported.

just-style.com | 10 Sep 2007

UK footwear brand Hi-Tec has vowed to donate ten pence from every sale of its new junior footwear collection to charity.

just-style.com | 13 Nov 2006

Wacoal Holdings said net income jumped 40.4% during the first half of the year as net sales grew 1.6%.

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