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US: NGC opens NY office, hires business development director just-style.com | 16 Jun 06

New Generation Computing Inc has opened a new office in New York to serve the sewn products industry and hired Richard Farb as director of business development.

Canali tailors a benchmark for quality just-style.com | 11 Jan 06

Italian suit maker Canali combines a mix of high technology and traditional tailoring in its manufacturing process. Niki Tait recently visited the company’s automated cutting room and reports here on the flow of production.

USA: Gerber Technology Makes Two New Appointments just-style.com | 5 Dec 03

Gerber Technology has announced two new American appointments. Rodney Harrelson has been promoted to the position of deputy regional director. Rodney will manage all sales operations in the West Coast area of the US, Canada and 50 mile border area of Mexico along the states of Arizona and California.

Getting tough on denim and jeanswear just-style.com | 5 Mar 03

Although tough and hardwearing when worn, denim can be problematic during garment manufacture. The popularity of jeans means that high productivity is required - causing further production challenges - though limited styling enables a degree of automation. Niki Tait takes a look at some of the latest technology for the manufacture of jeans and other denim apparel.

Iran: a land of apparel opportunity? just-style.com | 8 Apr 02

‘Made in Iran’ could be the next label to appear in some of the world’s leading fashion brands. Several European firms are already looking at investing money in Iran’s clothing and textile industry, and its good availability of raw materials, large number of manufacturing facilities and cheap labour mean more foreign investors could soon follow. There are opportunities for manufacturing joint ventures, plant and machinery sales - and easy access to export markets with a potential 300 million customers.

USA: Demand For Digital Sampling Still Low - Report just-style.com | 22 Mar 02

Ten per cent of all US textile and apparel firms say they need more samples and are having trouble getting them from their suppliers according to market information firm TrendWatch. Its new report 'Textile Sampling & Prototyping: Is it digital yet?' says the textile and apparel industry today is in many ways in the position the traditional graphic design industry was in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The virtual world Bobbin Publishing Group | 18 Feb 02

Improved technologies for online fit prediction, virtual try-on, mass customisation and customer relationship management are giving apparel brands and retailers increased opportunities to maximise both their online and brick-and-mortar sales. Bobbin spoke recently with several industry executives at information technology firms about various online and virtual tools available for retailers to better service their customers. Here's what they had to say.

Fashion secrets shared Bobbin Publishing Group | 18 Dec 01

Even as it aggressively expands its business, LVMH Fashion Group is determined to nurture quality and creativity. Bobbin checked in with Jean-Paul Vivier, executive vice president of the LVMH Fashion Group, to learn more about the company’s strategies.

Lifting the lid on Liz Bobbin Publishing Group | 10 Dec 01

With its portfolio diversification, expanded licensing and technology innovations, Liz Claiborne is at the top of its game. In fact, it couldn't hide its light under a bushel - even if it wanted to. Its achievements are out there for all to see.

Bobbin World 2001: let the show begin! Bobbin Publishing Group | 6 Aug 01

With exhibitors planning to offer the latest in software, machinery, fabrics and more, Bobbin World kicks off next week with something for the entire sewn products industry - as this preview shows.

CAD's online opportunities just-style.com | 23 Jul 01

For several years now the Internet has been used to send technical information files containing markers, cutting instructions, patterns, and automatic embroidery sewing details around the world. New technological developments mean that the possibilities are increasing even further says Niki Tait, who looks at some of the developments offered by CAD and related companies now responding to these opportunities.

USA: Ludolph Moves From Assyst-Bullmer To Justwin Technologies just-style.com | 23 Apr 01

Justwin Technologies, a provider of web-based supply chain, pre-production documentation, and process management solutions for the apparel, footwear and textile Industries has appointed Rick Ludolph as its executive vice president, responsible for marketing, strategic partnerships, and business development for North American operations.

FRANCE: Tissu Premier Meets Retail Distribution Requirements just-style.com | 15 Feb 01

The French city of Lille is a convenient destination for visitors from Belgium, Holland and Germany as well as the UK, which has a very quick cross-channel connection from London. And this ease of accessibility was reflected in the profile of visitors at the recent Tissu Premier exhibition where fabric information to meet the demands of the design, retailing and clothing manufacturing channels was on show.

UK: Lectra UK Opens New Office In London just-style.com | 12 Feb 01

Lectra Systems UK Ltd opened a new five floor office in Mayfair, London at the beginning of February for its UK sales and marketing operations. The new office will be the UK headquarters for all sales and marketing operations for Lectra Systems UK while finance and service operations will remain in the Shipley office. The Mayfair office will also have training facilities for all Lectra software products (U4ia, Prima, Modaris/Formaris, Diamino, FitNet and Gallery) and a demonstration suite for demonstrating the e-prototyping solution which includes design, merchandising, digital printing and sample cutting.

Mexico: mapping out a course of action Bobbin Publishing Group | 29 Jan 01

Industry leaders at the 24th National Congress of the Cámara Nacional de la Industria del Vestido agreed that Mexico's apparel industry must make important changes if it is to remain a major global player in the 21st century. Bobbin's Jordan K. Speer reports.

Seasonal amnesia at HK's Fashion Week just-style.com | 26 Jan 01

Hong Kong hasn't quite been it's usual self in recent weeks - the weather is unseasonably mild, and Lunar New Year falls much earlier than normal. Perhaps that explained the lack of seasonal differentiation at Fashion Week, held between January 16-19. Julie King reports.

USA: Lectra Shows Off New Design And Merchandising Products At PURE just-style.com | 25 Jan 01

Lectra Systems has announed that it will be demonstrating its design and merchandising solutions at the forth coming event PURE in the new ExCel building in London 11-13 February. These solutions incorporate the latest developments at Lectra for brands, retailers and manufacturers.

Made in Mauritius just-style.com | 22 Jan 01

Just 30 years ago, Mauritius was dependant on the sugar business for its livelihood. Today, it has a thriving textile and apparel industry that has toppled sugar as the preeminent exporter and employs over a third of the island's population. Niki Tait pays a visit to an industry that shows no sign of slowing up.

Technology spotlight: software and systems Bobbin Publishing Group | 18 Dec 00

The year 2000 saw many new product introductions and technology debuts. From e-commerce innovations to CAD systems to efficient automation, suppliers were focused on streamlining the apparel supply chain as well as developing business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) tools. In this, the first installment of a two-part round-up, we take a closer look at some of the latest offerings.

USA: Salaries For Tech Savvy Designers Rise Nine Per Cent just-style.com | 17 Nov 00

The average US salary for apparel and textile designers with computer or CAD skills rose from $50,290 in 1999 to $55,145 this year - a nine per cent increase. Over 130 designers, managers, and technology professionals responded to the 2000 CAD Salary and Job Satisfaction survey, now in it's sixth year.

Pattern data exchange standards development revived Bobbin Publishing Group | 23 Oct 00

Communication of pattern data between different CAD/CAM systems is one of the most frustrating problems facing apparel and sewn products firms. But efforts are under way to resolve the complex issue says Kurt Chang of 3D Custom Fit.

Colour by numbers just-style.com | 18 Oct 00

Increased global sourcing, reduced order sizes and the demand for quicker response all mean that electronic colour management is of growing importance within the garment supply chain. But what actually is colour management, how can it provide benefits to the apparel and textile industries, and how does it work? To find out, Niki Tait spoke with representatives from the two leading international colour management companies: Sue Williams, European textile marketing manager at Gretag Macbeth, and Glenn Littlewood, Colorite European industry manager for Datacolor.

Let the fit revolution begin Bobbin Publishing Group | 16 Oct 00

Apparel fit problems continue to plague many consumers, retailers and manufacturers. However, with the super-rapid pace of technological advances and the promise of new size data on the horizon, solutions are beginning to abound.

US: Assyst-Bullmer Announces Further Expansion in US Staff just-style.com | 4 May 00

Assyst-Bullmer Inc has announced the addition of seven more staff members to its customer support and marketing teams. This is the second significant staff expansion announcement this year - further supporting the corporate goal to strengthen its US presence in 2000."Currently, we are concentrating heavily on customer support and technical product support," says Rick Ludolph, president of Assyst-Bullmer.

Facing Change, Customization: Auto Interiors Firms Seek Flexibility Bobbin Publishing Group | 28 Apr 00

Automotive interiors manufacturers continue to strive for improved efficiency and flexibility, as they respond to the ever-changing needs of the industry's original equipment manufacturers and, increasingly, the end consumer. by Kathleen DesMarteau and Shawn Meadows, Bobbin To subscribe to Bobbin, please visit

Back to the future Company Clothing | 11 Feb 00

Niki Tait attempts to look into a crystal ball and predict how CAD will develop in the years to come. Due to its very competitive nature, future developments from any of the CAD companies are probably some of the industry's best kept secrets, and thus trying to predict what apparel CAD packages will be like two years down the line, let alone ten, can only be a matter of speculation. However, one can look at past and present trends and recent developments, as well as talking to the CAD companies themselves, to try and draw a picture.

[TC]2: Leading the Way in Changing Times Bobbin Publishing Group | 6 Nov 99

[TC]2, the Textile/Clothing TechnologyCorp., is spreading its wings and flying into new territory to better serve the needs ofthe ever-changing U.S. sewn products industry. Similar to the metamorphosis from fledglingcaterpillar to vibrant butterfly, [TC]2, the Textile/Clothing Technology Corp., hasreinvented itself time after time during the past two decades to stay on the leading edgeof business strategies and technologies driving the U.S. textile and sewn productsindustry.








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