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Price pressures weigh on Lenzing H1 revenues Michelle Russell | 6 Aug 20

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has seen increased price pressure on textile fibres across its range as a result of the pandemic which weighed on sales and earnings in its first-half.

Fashion industry efforts to address global PPE shortages – Update just-style | 27 Jul 20

Texollini, Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies, and Crystal International are among the latest fashion firms to mobilise their production facilities and supply chains to help address the global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), including face masks and hospital gowns, amid the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. 

Lenzing Q1 profit tumbles 58.6% Beth Wright | 7 May 20

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has reported a drop in both profit and revenue in the first quarter of 2020 as the firm continues to be plagued by lower selling prices for standard viscose amid the impact of Covid-19.

Brands have "wrecked" Turkey garment making sector Paul Cochrane | 27 Apr 20

The president of Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association TGSD (Türkiye Giyim Sanayicileri Dernegi) has complained about the treatment his members have experienced at the hands of international brands and retailers during the Covid-19 crisis.

Specialty fibre focus helps Lenzing in difficult year Beth Wright | 13 Mar 20

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has reported a fall in both full-year earnings and revenue, but warns the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak continues to cloud visibility on the year ahead.

Lenzing FY profit falls as firm writes off US engineering costs Beth Wright | 28 Jan 20

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has reported a drop in its preliminary 2019 figures with both earnings and revenue affected by lower selling prices for standard viscose and the write-off of engineering costs related to its mothballed US lyocell expansion project.

Lenzing to open world’s largest wood pulp plant in Brazil Michelle Russell | 2 Jan 20

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing is investing in the construction of the world's largest wood pulp plant in Brazil in a move aimed at growing the company's speciality fibre business and strengthening its market position.

Lenzing makes Tencel with post-consumer cotton waste Beth Wright | 4 Dec 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has used its Refibra technology to produce its first scaled production of virgin Tencel lyocell fibres using post-consumer cotton waste as part of the recycled raw material proportion.

Brands still failing to deliver on responsible viscose sourcing Michelle Russell | 20 Nov 19

A new report has found that while the issue of responsible viscose production is now firmly on the agenda of the fashion industry, there are still brands and retailers failing to deliver on responsible sourcing.

Lenzing begins work on largest lyocell fibre plant Beth Wright | 19 Nov 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has begun construction work on what it claims will be the largest lyocell facility in the world and one that brings its production to Asia for the first time.

Low viscose prices weigh on Lenzing nine-month results Beth Wright | 8 Nov 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has reported a decline in both revenue and earnings in the first three-quarters of 2019 as historically low standard viscose prices took a toll.

DuPont and Lenzing collaborate on natural fabrics Michelle Russell | 21 Oct 19

DuPont Biomaterials and Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing have collaborated to launch a fabric collection made predominantly of fibres derived from natural materials.

Lenzing partners on Tree Climate outdoor fabrics Michelle Russell | 18 Oct 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing Group has teamed up with the founder of Concept III Textiles in the UK to create what is said to be the first major collection of outdoor performance fabrics to feature these fibres.

Lenzing invests EUR40m to improve ecological footprint Michelle Russell | 16 Oct 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing Group has committed EUR40m (US$44m) to the construction of a new air purification and sulfur recovery plant, as well as further improvement of the exhaust emission values at the site.

Lenzing Tencel fibres use more recycled raw material Michelle Russell | 15 Oct 19

Lenzing Group’s Tencel Lyocell fibres with Refibra technology can now feature up to 30% pulp made from upcycled cotton scraps collected from the garment manufacturing process.

Lenzing pilots fibre traceability using blockchain Beth Wright | 6 Sep 19

Lenzing Group has pioneered a pilot project with Hong Kong based brand Chicks that uses blockchain technology to trace its Tencel branded fibres although the way through the supply chain to retail.

Lenzing fibres certified for full biodegradability Beth Wright | 5 Sep 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing Group has received certification that its fibres have been certified for full biodegradability in freshwater by the independent research laboratory Organic Waste Systems (OWS).

Lenzing fashions more agile and responsive supply chain Hannah Abdulla | 8 Aug 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing Group has employed sales and operations planning software across its business to help create a more agile and responsive supply chain that minimises waste and inefficiencies.

Lenzing confirms FY view despite "challenging" market Beth Wright | 7 Aug 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has hailed a slight increase in revenue in the first half of 2019 and confirmed its outlook for the full year despite what it calls a "significantly more challenging" market environment with historically low prices for standard viscose.

Lenzing to invest EUR1bn in lyocell fibre production Beth Wright | 4 Jul 19

To help meet strong demand for its specialty fibres, Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing Group is to build what it claims will be the world's largest lyocell fibre plant in Thailand.

Lenzing sets net-zero CO2 emissions target by 2050 Beth Wright | 25 Jun 19

Lenzing Group has pledged to invest EUR100m (US$113.8m) over the coming years to reduce carbon emissions both inside its operations and in its supply chain as it aims to become the world's first carbon neutral fibre producer.

Covestro, Lenzing partner on sustainable PU synthetics Beth Wright | 28 May 19

Polymer company Covestro has partnered with Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing Group to develop environmentally-compatible polyurethane (PU) synthetics for the footwear industry. 

Lenzing to trace fibres with blockchain technology Beth Wright | 20 May 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing Group has announced it will use blockchain technology to support its Tencel branded fibre business in a move it says will ensure complete transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain to the finished garment.

Lenzing shares progress on sustainability targets Beth Wright | 25 Apr 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing Group says it is on track with all of its committed sustainability targets and reaffirmed its pledge to invest more than EUR100m (US$111.5m) in sustainable production technology by 2022.

Supply chain transparency for sustainable fashion Guest author | 4 Apr 19

Consumers are becoming increasingly vigilant about the clothing they wear each day, seeking out more sustainable options, as well as information on supply chains, production processes and product afterlife. Which is why there's an ongoing need for consumer education, as well as collaboration among all stakeholders to redefine the standard of transparency practices across the industry value chain, says Dr Florian Heubrandner, vice president of global business management textiles, at Lenzing AG. 

Lenzing in FY profit and sales slip Beth Wright | 15 Mar 19

Lower selling prices for standard viscose, as well as higher raw material and energy costs, have contributed to a decline in full-year revenue and earnings at Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing compared with record results in the previous year.

Lenzing, Solvay partner on new green fabric Beth Wright | 6 Mar 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has partnered with international chemical and fibres group Solvay to develop a new fabric that boosts the benefits of the firms' respective Tencel branded lyocell and Amni Soul Eco biodegradable polyamide yarn.

Lenzing to open Tencel Studio in Singapore Beth Wright | 15 Feb 19

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing is to partner with the Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore (TaFF) as part of a bid to make its Tencel brand more accessible to consumers.

Lenzing, Tejidos Royo partner on sustainable clothing line Beth Wright | 24 Jan 19

An international partnership of textile and apparel companies, including Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing and Spanish denim mill Tejidos Royo, has developed a new sustainable collection to illustrate that fashion can be both responsible and beautiful given the right supply chain partnerships.

New Lenzing centre in Indonesia to speed fibre innovation Hannah Abdulla | 16 Jan 19

Fibre manufacturer Lenzing has opened a new research and development facility in Indonesia, bringing its state-of-the-art fibre testing and full fibre-to-fashion innovation capabilities to Asia.







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