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INDIA: NanoHorizons expands SmartSilver business | 18 Nov 10

NanoHorizons Inc is expanding the distribution of its SmartSilver antimicrobial treatment to the Indian textile industry under a new deal agreed with Indorama Polyester Industries Ltd (IPI).

SOUTH KOREA: NanoHorizons expands SmartSilver business | 14 Jun 10

NanoHorizons Inc is expanding the distribution of its SmartSilver antimicrobial treatment to the Korean textile industry under a new deal agreed with yarn maker J2LFA Co Ltd.

US: NanoHorizons opens new headquarters | 24 Nov 09

Hi-tech antimicrobial solution developer NanoHorizons has consolidated its offices and business activities in a new company headquarters in Pennsylvania.

TAIWAN: NanoHorizons expands SmartSilver distribution | 8 Jul 09

NanoHorizons Inc is expanding the distribution of its SmartSilver antimicrobial performance brand to the Taiwan textile industry under a new deal agreed with textile chemical importer Widetech Ltd.

US: Nanohorizons secures $3.5m in funding | 10 Mar 09

NanoHorizons, maker of the SmartSilver antimicrobial additives used in textiles, has secured $3.5m in funding which it will use to expand its product and research development activities.

US: New SmartSilver protection for high-tech fibres | 24 Nov 08

Performance fabrics used in fire, military, and safety occupations can now incorporate antimicrobial protection through a new application process devised by specialty dye house GJ Littlewood & Son Inc.

THAILAND: Indo Poly to make SmartSilver yarns | 10 Jun 08

NanoHorizons Inc and Indo Poly (Thailand) Ltd have gone into partnership to produce polyester yarns with permanent antimicrobial properties.

US: NanoHorizons raises $6.7m in funding, hires CEO | 3 Jun 08

NanoHorizons Inc, the maker of SmartSilver nanoscale antimicrobial additives for the textile industry, has raised $6.7m in a second round of funding and named a new chairman and CEO to oversee its expansion.

US: NanoHorizons promotes Daniel Hayes to CEO | 21 Feb 08

NanoHorizons Inc, producer of the SmartSilver antimicrobial treatment, has promoted Daniel Hayes as its president and CEO.

US: NanoHorizons and Piedmont in anti-odour alliance | 23 Jan 08

Nanotechnology specialist NanoHorizons has joined forces with Piedmont Chemical Industries to provide anti-odour and anti-moisture additives for textile processing, including polyester, cotton and nylon.

Specialist fibres and fabrics kick footwear into touch | 4 Jan 08

Demand for specialist footwear fibres and fabrics is increasing rapidly, according to a new report, helped by a growing awareness of the health and safety benefits of wearing footwear designed for specific sports, activities and occupations.

US: Eco-Fil recycled yarn adds SmartSilver anti-odour | 12 Mar 07

Yarn maker O’Mara Incorporated is to incorporate SmartSilver anti-odour and antimicrobial additives in its Eco-Fil yarns, which are made from 100% recycled post-consumer bottles.

US: SmartSilver anti-odour treatment developed for wool | 25 Jan 07

NanoHorizons Inc has expanded its SmartSilver permanent anti-odour and antimicrobial line with a new treatment that can now be applied to pure wool.

US: NanoHorizons expands SmartSilver anti-odour line | 19 Jan 06

NanoHorizons Inc has expanded its Smartsilver anti-odour/antimicrobial line with new additives for urethane and nylon.

USA: NanoHorizons nets $2.2m extra funding | 7 Dec 05

NanoHorizons, which develps nanotechnology applications for the fibre and textile industries, has secured US$2.2m worth of additional funding.

USA: NanoHorizons To Distribute Antimicrobial Fibre Additives | 8 Aug 05

NanoHorizons Inc has signed an exclusive multi-year, multi-million dollar distribution agreement with ARC Outdoors/ArcticShield covering nanoscale-engineered additives for hi-tech anti-odour polyester and cotton fabrics.

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