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US: Excelled Sheepskin & Leather Coat rolls out PLM Petah Marian | 5 Jun 12

Leatherwear manufacturer Excelled Sheepskin & Leather Coat Corporation has rolled out NGC's Extended PLM software, in a move that replaces the spreadsheets previously used to manage production of 300,000 SKUs across its brands.

just-style management briefing: What else is on the software agenda this year? Leonie Barrie | 1 May 12

Faced with a significantly more challenging and competitive market, what else is likely to be topping brand and retail supply networks this year? Firms would be wise to watch ways of maximising investments, doing more with less, true collaboration, accurate material forecasting and planning, and 'cloud' technologies, the experts say.

just-style management briefing: The future focus for apparel supply chain software Leonie Barrie | 1 May 12

Where should apparel firms be focusing their software investments now if they want to remain competitive into the future? According to industry experts consulted by just-style, technology agendas should include tools that better integrate all data between supply chain partners and offer end-to-end visibility.

just-style management briefing: How software can help tackle key industry issues Leonie Barrie | 1 May 12

Faced with a raft of challenges across the apparel supply chain, how can software help tackle the key issues? Tools that connect all trading partners, streamline the end-to-end process, and give industry leaders the flexibility and time to address everything from new opportunities to unexpected events can all contribute to a competitive edge.

just-style management briefing: Apparel supply chain challenges in 2012 Leonie Barrie | 1 May 12

After the turmoil of 2011, the biggest challenges facing the global apparel supply chain in 2012 continue to include rising costs, political and economic uncertainty in both consumer and sourcing markets, the changing role of China, increased competition at retail, pressure to integrate supply chains and the shift towards faster fashion cycles. Against such a background, the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions and pressures will separate the winners from the losers.

Comment: Managing compliance with extended PLM Mark Burstein | 2 Mar 12

Managing social and regulatory compliance in an era of increased legislation is yet another challenge facing retailers and manufacturers. The good news is that companies can in many cases take advantage of product lifecycle management (PLM) systems that include chain management and global sourcing functions.

US: GTM Sportswear chooses NGC for PLM Leonie Barrie | 28 Feb 12

Custom and embellished team sportswear manufacturer GTM Sportswear has selected NGC's Extended PLM software to improve its supply chain execution.

US: Swatfame gains supply chain visibility with PLM Leonie Barrie | 1 Nov 11

Los Angeles based fashion firm Swatfame has gone live on NGC's Extended PLM software, in a move that is already said to have helped improve communication and collaboration throughout its global supply chain.

just-style management briefing: ERP-PLM vendors eye growth in emerging markets Ivan Castano Freeman | 3 Oct 11

Just as fashion styles and trends have gone global, so have the IT vendors that cater to these companies - and those that sell ERP and PLM applications are no exception.

just-style management briefing: ERP-PLM suppliers become more competitive Ivan Castano Freeman | 3 Oct 11

As ERP and PLM integrated suites become an increasingly important tool for apparel companies looking to edge out the competition, software suppliers are also constantly adding new features and capabilities to their products as they strive to rein in the market.

just-style management briefing: Integrated ERP-PLM solutions to become key Ivan Castano Freeman | 3 Oct 11

It's no secret that Product Lifecycle Managment (PLM) has taken the global apparel industry by storm, becoming a must-have software tool for many clothing companies seeking economies of scale in the increasingly competitive fashion market.

US: Tennessee Apparel upgrades to NGC's ERP solution Leonie Barrie | 13 Sep 11

Clothing manufacturer Tennessee Apparel Corp has upgraded to NGC's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and production management software in a bid to gain new flexibility and a streamlined work flow.

US: T-Shirt International updates ERP system | 29 Jun 11

T-Shirt International (TSI), an embellisher of T-shirts, sweatshirts and other sportswear, has implemented NGC's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in a bid to streamline its expanding screen printing and embroidery business.

US: Aeropostale opts for NGC software | 8 Jun 11

Retailer Aeropostale has chosen NGC’s supply chain management software to create its new international management system as it continues to expand into new markets.

US: Sportswear firm Vesi invests in supply chain tools | 2 Jun 11

Vesi Incorporated, the designer and manufacturer of collegiate sportswear, is to implement integrated supply chain management software in a bid to improve collaboration with overseas vendors and streamline its business processes.

COMMENT: Coping with the high cost of raw materials | 19 May 11

Today's fashion and retail supply chains face relentless cost pressure on every front. But with higher input prices here to stay, what options do they have to respond? According to Mark Burstein, president of sales and marketing at NGC Software, PLM has a key role to play, not only in optimising materials management, but also reducing markdowns and improving speed to market.

just-style management briefing: More software trends to watch Leonie Barrie | 4 May 11

After weathering the storm of recession, today's apparel companies now face a significantly more challenging and competitive market. Technologies they would be wise to watch in the year ahead include lead time optimisation, business intelligence, cloud computing and 3D tools.

just-style management briefing: The key focus for software investments Leonie Barrie | 4 May 11

Where should apparel firms be focusing their software investments now if they want to remain competitive into the future? According to industry experts consulted by just-style, technology agendas should include strong core business systems, better use of business analytics, and integrated PLM, sourcing and supply chain capabilities.

just-style management briefing: Software helps tackle industry issues Leonie Barrie | 4 May 11

Using the right software is key to helping the apparel industry tackle some of the issues it faces in 2011. Firms need the right analyses and information to take the right decisions at the right time and remain competitive in a changing environment, from product development through to the shop floor.

just-style management briefing: Apparel supply challenges in 2011 Leonie Barrie | 4 May 11

Among the biggest challenges facing global apparel supply in the year ahead are rising raw material costs, the changing business climate in China, upward pressure on retail prices, fragile consumer demand, and the need to have the right inventory at the right place at the right time, according to industry experts consulted by just-style.

US: Jaya Apparel Group rolls out PLM software | 27 Apr 11

Women’s fashion specialist Jaya Apparel Group (formerly L’Koral) is implementing NGC's Extended PLM software across all divisions.

US: Granada Sales looks for ERP productivity boost | 13 Apr 11

Granada Sales Corp, a private-label manufacturer of women's loungewear and sleepwear, is implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help boost productivity and efficiency in its business and financial operations.

US: Land ‘N Sea chooses PLM and sourcing software | 23 Feb 11

Private-label women and children’s wear manufacturer Land ‘N Sea has invested in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software to help it respond more quickly to fashion trends, as well as improve collaboration and efficiency throughout the product development and production process.

US: NGC updates PLM, Global Sourcing and ERP suite | 27 Oct 10

The latest release of NGC’s (New Generation Computing) integrated PLM, global sourcing and ERP software includes new productivity tools for apparel brands and retailers.

US: Software gives Spanx tighter control over sourcing | 30 Jun 10

Shapewear brand Spanx has begun implementation of PLM and global sourcing software to increase speed to market and improve organisation across its product line.

US: Ivory International instals CPSIA compliance tool | 14 May 10

Private label manufacturer Ivory International has implemented software from New Generation Computing (NGC) that streamlines complex testing processes, making it easier to meet the stringent requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

US: Jerry Leigh implements NGC’s e-PLM software | 28 Apr 10

West Coast apparel company Jerry Leigh, which makes licensed products for top US retailers, has successfully implemented NGC’s e-PLM software for product lifecycle management.

US: New software helps streamline vendor payments | 19 Feb 10

New Vendor Payment Automation (VPA) software, designed to simplify the process of matching documents and approving vendor invoices in global trade logistics, has been released by NGC (New Generation Computing).

US: Stony Apparel chooses NGC for integrated PLM | 20 Nov 09

Stony Apparel, maker of branded and private label fashion for girls and juniors, is implementing the Global Enterprise System software suite from NGC (New Generation Computing) to help streamline business processes and improve efficiency.

US: NGC launches analytics and report management tool | 11 Nov 09

NGC (New Generation Computing) has added new analytic and reporting capabilities to its PLM, global sourcing and ERP solutions to help companies speed their decision-making.






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