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Duty-free trade key to build Africa supply chains

A group of ethical fashion producers and retailers, including German e-commerce giant Otto Group and shoemaking enterprise Soul of Africa, h...

New scenarios driving sustainability in textiles

Driving meaningful change towards sustainability in textiles within organisations, within the industry, and with consumers topped the agenda...

Leonie Barrie | 24 Apr 2014

The Rana Plaza factory disaster has proved to be a catalyst for change in Bangladesh. While there has been criticism of the speed of the factory inspection process and efforts to improve worker safety, a timeline of major milestones shows that progress is being made.

Leonie Barrie | 4 Sep 2013

Work is underway to develop a new international labour standard for the global garment industry in a bid to improve the sector's accountability and transparency and reassure buyers and consumers on factory working conditions.

Leonie Barrie | 11 Jul 2013

Unveiling a new five-year plan to improve worker safety at the factories in Bangladesh that produce their clothing, North American brands and retailers were keen to stress the similarities between their own initiative and a separate scheme backed by 70 mainly European companies. That said, there are considerable differences too.

Leonie Barrie | 31 Mar 2012

Industry issues tackled on the second day of this year's Prime Source Forum in Hong Kong included the globalisation of retail and its impact on the supply chain, the internet and social networking, and a call for more effort to train and promote talent. Here is a roundup of comments from some of the speakers at the event.

Latest Interviews

Beth Wright | 22 Feb 2017

With pressure mounting on apparel brands and retailers to give more weight to sustainability and social responsibility in their sourcing decisions, Andreas Streubig, sustainability division manager at German mail order and e-commerce giant Otto Group, is convinced that collaboration and the "power of the many" is key to driving lasting change.

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Beth Wright | 14 Dec 2017

German sportswear giant Adidas is among more than 50 major global corporates calling on world leaders to tackle climate change by introducing framework conditions that lay the foundation for a pathway towards limiting global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

Beth Wright | 31 Oct 2017

German fashion brand Hugo Boss has tapped former Otto Group executive Andreas Streubig as its new sustainability chief.

Beth Wright | 24 Aug 2017

As part of its commitment to the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, German mail order and e-commerce giant Otto Group has unveiled a roadmap setting out targets for 2017 – including a focus on the deeper supply chain and boosting the percentage of Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) cotton in its products – while urging stronger cohesion from all Partnership members.

Beth Wright | 9 Mar 2017

The Foreign Trade Association (FTA) has partnered with member companies, including German mail order and e-commerce giant Otto Group and Hong Kong-listed fashion brand Esprit, on an initiative designed to improve working conditions for Syrian nationals in Turkish supply chains.

Beth Wright | 13 Feb 2017

German e-commerce giant Otto Group has named Sebastian Klauke as chief digital officer, a newly created position for the company.

Michelle Russell | 25 Oct 2016

The majority of large apparel brands are ignoring the "endemic" abuse of Syrian refugees in Turkish clothing factories supplying European retailers, a new report has found. 

Leonie Barrie | 11 Jun 2015

The German-led Partnership for Sustainable Textiles appears to be gaining momentum, with mail order giant Otto Group the latest to join the initiative which it hopes to elevate to an international level.

Leonie Barrie | 29 Sep 2014

The strength of having a supply chain that extends from the cotton field to the finished garment within a single country was one of the key messages to emerge from a meeting last week to look at making African cotton more competitive.

Leonie Barrie | 18 Sep 2014

The Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) initiative designed to help African cotton farmers, generated licensing revenues of more than EUR1m (US$1.3m) for the first time last year, with more than 85,000 tons of cotton sold through the scheme.

Leonie Barrie | 20 Mar 2014

German online fashion and mail-order giant Otto Group has backed a project to open six schools in Zambia that will provide an education to 2,900 children of cotton farmers who are part of the Cotton made in Africa (CMiA) scheme.

Petah Marian | 28 Jun 2013

German mail-order giant Otto Group has revealed plans to fully take over the French e-commerce and services company 3SI Group.

Katie Smith | 5 Oct 2012

Mother, baby and children's goods retailer Mothercare has announced two management appointments as it looks to focus on its global operations.

Petah Marian | 24 Sep 2012

German mail-order giant Otto Group - the world’s largest online retailer for fashion and lifestyle products - could lose as many as 700 jobs under new plans to restructure the company.

Leonie Barrie | 28 Mar 2012

The organisers of the Prime Source Forum event, which opened in Hong Kong earlier today (28 March), are also planning to launch a parallel meeting in India later this year.

Leonie Barrie | 24 Oct 2011

Leading European fashion retailer C&A plans to purchase 1,000 tonnes of sustainably produced African cotton next year in a move that will help improve the living conditions of smallholder farmers in five countries.

Petah Marian | 6 Oct 2011

Global sourcing group Hermes Otto is launching a new sustainable fashion brand called Wild Earth Cotton that will use raw materials from the Cotton Made in Africa initiative.

Leonie Barrie | 7 Sep 2011

Swedish fashion retailer H&M was ranked as the world's number one user of organic cotton last year - taking it closer to its goal of only using cotton from more sustainable sources by 2020.

Leonie Barrie | 6 Sep 2011

Neither the recession nor unstable economies have put a damper on the fast-growing organic textiles industry, according to a new report, which shows the sector grew by 20% to an estimated $5.61bn in 2010. | 10 Aug 2010

Fashion retail group Inditex has taken 100% control of Germany subsidiary Zara Deutschland, buying out joint venture partner Otto Group’s remanining 22% stake. | 13 Jul 2010

Warehouse automation supplier Knapp AG has bought Dürkopp Adler's overhead conveyor systems subsidiary Dürkopp Fördertechnik, for an undisclosed sum.

Leonie Barrie | 26 Nov 2009

German sporting goods firm Adidas is following in the footsteps of mail order giant Otto Group by setting up a social business model in Bangladesh that will create local jobs and operate on a non-profit basis. | 17 Nov 2009

German mail-order giant The Otto Group is teaming up with the Grameen Trust to set up what it calls “the factory of the future,” in which profits are ploughed back into the local community. | 27 Aug 2009

China's Fujian and Zhejiang provinces present growing competition to Guangdong as key apparel sourcing hubs, according to mail-order retailer Otto Group.

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