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ITALY: Prada To Buy Stake In Alaia | 22 Sep 00

Prada has reached an agreement to buy a major stake in the fashion house of Tunisian-born fashion designer, Azzedine Alaia, it has been revealed. Prada said in a short statement that it has reached a partnership agreement with Alaia for "a program of common work". According to a source, Prada is to set up the Alaia Foundation in Paris "to gather and preserve the archive of all past and future work" of the designer. Alaia, who discovered supermodels Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, studied sculpture at the Beaux Arts in Tunis before going to Paris in the 1950s. The designer, whose clients have included Greta Garbo and Cecile de Rothschild, is currently in New York for an exhibition of his work. The exhibition includes a gown he designed for Stephanie Seymour when she married Peter Brant and ones he made for Tina Turner and Grace Jones.

USA: Alaïa Reported To Be In Talks With Prada Or Pegasus Jane Mallin | 12 Sep 00

Azzedine Alaïa, the Tunisian-born fashion designer, is rumoured to be in talks with a major American fashion group, according to Fashion Net.Alaïa, who discovered supermodels Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford and whose clients have included Greta Garbo and Cécile de Rothschild, is thought to be considering a tie up with Prada or fledgling fashion conglomerate the Pegasus Apparel Group.If the deal goes through, Alaïa's new partner will allow him to expand his atelier, founded 21 years ago, while also taking care of business.Both Prada and Pegasus have been named as potential partners, but it is unlikely that an agreement will be reached until at least November, Fashion Net predicted.Pegasus, which has been described by the New York Post as an LVMH in the making, has snapped up designers Daryl K, Pamela Dennis, Cynthia Rowley, John Bartlett, and Miguel Adrover (who won the 2000 CFDA's Best New Designer award) so far this year. "We bring everything but the design talent," said Pegasus Apparel Group CEO Stephen Ruzow. Ruzow, a veteran fashion executive who has worked for Donna Karan and Warnaco, says that he plans to buy eight to 10 companies and is hoping to pull in revenues of $400m a year.

UK: Prada Selling Off Jones The Bootmaker | 8 Sep 00

After buying Church's last year, Prada has now decided that the retail chain Jones the Bootmakers, is not quite what it wants. The company is now looking for a buyer for Jones, which consists of 83 retail outlets.Prada paid a reported £106m for Church's, the price tag on Jones is supposed to be around £20m.

40°, Pure and Level 2 unveil trends for 2001 Sonia Roberts | 25 Aug 00

40°, Level 2 and Pure were all hosted under the same roof at London's Earl's Court earlier this week. Sonia Roberts looks at the trends that will be making waves in shops in 2001 .

USA: ComforTemp Developer Scoops Fast Growth Accolade Company Press Release | 24 Aug 00

Frisby Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ - FRIZ), the developer of patented ComforTemp(R) DCC(TM), the dynamic climate control materials brand, has been named one of the fastest growing technology companies in North Carolina in the 2000 North Carolina Fast 50 list. Frisby, placed 21st on the list, with a 5-year revenue growth rate of 605 per cent.

UK: M&S Struggles To Put Business Back On Track | 19 Jul 00

The lukewarm reception given to the autumn/winter women's wear collections recently unveiled by Marks & Spencer have been reflected in lacklustre sales figures reported today.Like for like sales at the high street retailer were up just 0.9 per cent over the 16 weeks to 15 July, and comparable total sales were up 3.

The Hidden Strengths of Fusing and Fusibles Niki Tait | 24 May 00

Interlinings are one of the hidden strengths in apparel manufacturing: they are highly technical, invisible to the eye yet have a major role to play in the shaping and suppleness of a garment. Generally inserted between the fabrics and linings, the fusible fixing stage is one of the most critical of all the production operations, with the real quality of the process ― or its failure ― often not apparent until long after the garment has been sold. In the run-up too IMB we take a look at what's new in the market.

Intelligent Garments - Fact Or Fiction? Sonia Roberts | 11 May 00

A toddler's coat with a tracking device, a sports bra that monitor's a jogger's heart rate, and a golf jacket that registers arm action and records it so that the ambitious player can subsequently study it to improve his swing are all set to become practical realities thanks to work being carried ou

ITALY: Prada Pauses For Thought | 4 May 00

Prada, the Italian fashion house, has halted its shopping spree after spending L564.3bn (E291m, $265m) last year collecting a clutch of distinguished brands across Europe. Patrizio Bertelli, chief executive, said: "We can find the resources for more, but for now we have to chew what we have bitten off.

High-Tech Heats Up at Super Show Bobbin Publishing Group | 1 Mar 99

Performance fibers and fabrics were thetalk of the town at the recent Super Show, which took place Feb. 12-15 in Atlanta, GA.From extreme sports apparel to everyday sportswear, a melding of high-tech and fashiondominated many apparel lines, targeting consumers’ increasing desire for"crossover" dressing.










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