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Tal Apparel partners with Bluesign for transparency Michelle Russell | 15 Jun 20

Hong Kong-based manufacturing giant TAL Apparel has partnered with Bluesign Technologies to strengthen transparency throughout its clothing and textile supply chain.

TAL Apparel, VF Corp and Zalando join Global Fashion Agenda Beth Wright | 16 Jan 20

TAL Apparel, VF Corporation, and Zalando have become the latest companies to join Global Fashion Agenda's associate partners circle, who will all contribute with insights from various parts of the supply chain.

How TAL Apparel is rebalancing for growth – CEO Interview Leonie Barrie | 22 Aug 18

By his own admission, Roger Lee, CEO at Hong Kong based apparel giant TAL Group, is an optimist. And it's a trait that has stood him – and the 70-year-old company he leads – in good stead in recent years as he focuses and rebalances the business for future growth.

TAL Apparel speeds up migration to cloud ERP Leonie Barrie | 22 Sep 17

Hong Kong based manufacturing giant TAL Apparel Limited has finished the first phase of migrating its legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to a cloud-based alternative in a bid to achieve significant cost reductions and operational efficiencies.

How TAL Apparel is staying ahead of the game – Interview Michelle Russell | 14 Oct 16

As one of the world's leading garment manufacturers, Hong Kong-based TAL Apparel is continually looking to see how it can add value in the apparel supply chain, as chief technology officer Delman Lee tells just-style.

ERP helps TAL Apparel achieve an agile business Leonie Barrie | 27 Sep 16

Hong Kong based manufacturing giant TAL Apparel Limited is implementing a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help support an agile business model targeting high-end brands.

Outlook 2015: What keeps you awake at night? Leonie Barrie | 15 Jan 15

When it comes to other issues the apparel industry should be keeping a close eye on in the year ahead, compliance and factory safety, macroeconomic headwinds, trade legislation, and consumer confidence are all cited as likely to have a bearing on whether or not 2015 turns out to be better than 2014.

Outlook 2015: What's happening at retail? Leonie Barrie | 15 Jan 15

What key strengths and strategies are helping retailers to take the lead? Building fully integrated and flexible supply chains, with an end-to-end focus on ethics and responsibility will help to separate the winners from the losers in 2015.

Outlook 2015: What's happening with sourcing? Leonie Barrie | 15 Jan 15

How is the sourcing landscape likely to shift in 2015, and what strategies can help apparel firms and their suppliers to stay ahead? China is seen moving higher up the value chain, and near-shoring is likely to make small inroads, but improving productivity and building long-term vendor relationships are seen as key.

Outlook 2015: Challenges and opportunities Leonie Barrie | 15 Jan 15

One of the biggest challenges – and opportunities – facing the apparel industry in 2015 is how best to embrace the omni-channel retail model, improve the shopping experience, and respond with new supply chain solutions. The changing profile of consumers in Asia is also likely to impact consumption and production, while global compliance and factory safety will continue to be a focal point.

Global news roundup Michelle Russell | 25 Nov 14

The following is a round-up of apparel and footwear news from the world's local media. just-style has not checked these stories so cannot guarantee their accuracy.

Lectra cutting room tool taps faster fashion trend Leonie Barrie | 14 Nov 14

Lectra has launched the latest release of its Optiplan cutting-room optimisation tool, with new features to help for apparel manufacturers streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Fits.me completes US$5.3m management buy-in Michelle Russell | 24 Oct 14

Virtual fitting room developer Fits.me has received EUR4.2m (US$5.3m) from its CEO and existing investors in a management buy-in.

New Patagonia range uses material in its purest form Richard Woodard | 9 Oct 14

Outdoor wear specialist Patagonia has launched a range of clothing made using “responsible manufacturing” techniques, including undyed cashmere and reclaimed cotton.

HONG KONG: TAL Group improves pre-production efficiency Katie Smith | 10 Sep 14

TAL Apparel Group has saved US$2.1m or 1% of fabric consumption after implementing a cut plan and order management solution from Lectra.

HONG KONG: Prime Source Forum gears up for sourcing debate Leonie Barrie | 28 Mar 14

In less than a week's time, senior sourcing executives from Marks & Spencer, Puma, Esprit, Perry Ellis, Under Armour, VF Asia, Luen Thai Holdings, Crystal Group and TAL Apparel will be sharing their views and insight with other industry stakeholders at Prime Source Forum in Hong Kong.

Outlook 2014: Apparel industry challenges Leonie Barrie | 16 Jan 14

Among the biggest challenges facing the apparel industry in 2014, responsible sourcing and the need for greater visibility across the supply chain were singled out. Another issue is increased volatility in apparel retail, along with the rise of omnichannel and its impact on sourcing and logistics.

Outlook 2014: Other issues to watch Leonie Barrie | 16 Jan 14

What is likely to keep apparel industry execs awake at night in 2014 – and is the year ahead set to be better than 2013? While confident in their outlook, managing risks and protecting brands are set to be top priorities. Social unrest and violence in supplier countries are among the issues to watch, as are new internet business models.

Outlook 2014: What's happening with retail? Leonie Barrie | 16 Jan 14

What will define the retailer winners from the losers in 2014 - and what key strengths and strategies are helping companies to take leading positions? International growth and online sales are leading the way, bringing challenges in tailoring ranges, sourcing and logistics to the needs of each market. The winners will be those who are distinctive and deliver excitement.

Outlook 2014: What's happening with sourcing? Leonie Barrie | 16 Jan 14

How is the sourcing landscape likely to shift in 2014, and what strategies can help apparel firms and their suppliers to stay ahead? While China is still seen leading the pack, forging strategic relationships with key manufacturers and supply countries, a growing interest in onshoring or reshoring for the US and EU, and striking a balance between speed and cost, are among the suggestions.

HONG KONG: Prime Source Forum returns for sourcing debate Leonie Barrie | 14 Mar 13

Senior executives from across the apparel industry and its supply chain will be heading to Hong Kong later this month for the annual Prime Source Forum.

Outlook 2013: Other issues to watch Leonie Barrie | 4 Feb 13

Generally, 2013 is seen as being another challenging year for the apparel industry – although there is cautious optimism for an improved business environment. Issues such as compliance, sustainability and product safety are likely to come to the fore, and keep a close eye on trade talks to expand duty-free opportunities such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Outlook 2013: Apparel industry opportunities Leonie Barrie | 4 Feb 13

Opportunities the apparel industry should focus on this year include developing strategic relationships to improve flexibility across the supply chain; a focus on adding value through design, innovation and branding to protect margins; and the use of technology to integrate the multichannel experience.

Outlook 2013: Lessons that should have been learnt Leonie Barrie | 4 Feb 13

What should apparel firms have learnt from the upheaval of the past couple of years - and what should they be doing now if they want to remain competitive into the future? They need to remain nimble enough to respond to changing buying patterns, develop strong partnerships across the supply chain, and focus on a sourcing portfolio that balances costs and risks.

Outlook 2013: Apparel industry challenges Leonie Barrie | 4 Feb 13

Uncertainty is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the apparel industry in 2013. The economic situation in Europe and the US, a combination of rising production costs and flat prices, the pressure to improve working conditions, a lack of new production centres and low volume growth in fashion all add up to a worrying year.

SLDF 2012: SAC eco-index to help reduce supplier audits Petah Marian | 16 Nov 12

Suppliers may need to undergo only one audit a year on their sustainability and environmental credentials if an eco-index initiative by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) takes off.

IAF Convention 2012: Getting smarter across the supply chain Leonie Barrie | 27 Sep 12

Instead of focusing on product costs as a way of offsetting the pressures faced in both retail and sourcing markets, the apparel supply chain should look instead at optimising processes, boosting collaboration and generally getting smarter, industry executives believe.

IAF Convention 2012: Is fast fashion sustainable? Leonie Barrie | 26 Sep 12

The rise of the fast fashion retail model that keeps consumer interest by feeding through fresh merchandise more frequently is out of kilter with the industry's increasing focus on sustainability issues, according to speakers at this year's IAF World Apparel Convention.

Speaking with style: Harry van Dalfsen, president, IAF Leonie Barrie | 6 Sep 12

The theme of change resonates loudly with Harry van Dalfsen, who took on the role of president of the International Apparel Federation (IAF) two years ago at the height of the global economic crisis. Not surprisingly, ‘Fashion business in a changing environment’ is also the focus of the upcoming IAF World Apparel Convention, which takes place later this month.

US: Sustainable Apparel Coalition unveils new eco-index Petah Marian | 27 Jul 12

Clothing and footwear firms including Nike, Marks & Spencer, Levi Strauss and Walmart are among those backing a new tool designed to measure sustainability and environmental impact across the industry supply chain.


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