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USA: Hartmarx Forms Strategic Partnership With Ted Baker UK just-style.com | 8 Nov 00

E.O. Hand, chairman and chief executive officer of Hartmarx Corporation (NYSE: HMX), today announced a wide-ranging strategic partnership with Ted Baker, the UK-based clothing designer and retailer. "Ted Baker is one of the most dynamic global brands in today's market, having experienced unparalleled success in the UK.

UK: Times Are Tough For Clothing Retailers Confirms Report Company Press Release | 4 Oct 00

A slow decline in consumer expenditure on both clothing and footwear, the rise in popularity of buying clothes from grocery superstores, and the introduction of new, lower budget clothing stores, have all taken their toll on the profitability of clothing retailers as a whole. So says a new report that analyses and compares the financial performance of 104 leading apparel retailers in Great Britain.

Fashion retailing at a crossroads just-style.com | 3 May 00

The UK high street in the year 2000 is a microcosm of trends which will impact retailing worldwide. Middle market retailers are being squeezed at both ends by designer labels from above and value for money operators from below. Retail is changing painfully because of the increasing sophistication of the consumer; the self created problems of retail space and profitability; and the globalization of retailers and their suppliers.

UK Lingerie Industry Report Key Note | 19 Apr 00

Key Note estimates the total retail sale of women's lingerie, corsetry and hosiery to be £1.55bn in 1999, with sales of brassières accounting for around a third of the value. The UK clothing industry has struggled for some years against a downturn in demand and an increase in value, and an improvement in the quality of imported goods. The lingerie sector has been no exception. Between 1996 and 1998, imports of lingerie rose by almost a third, while exports fell by 6.6% in a trend unlikely to be reversed, especially with rises in the interest rates strengthening the pound still further.







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