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How far has Bangladesh come since Rana Plaza? 27 Apr 2021

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Eight years on from Rana Plaza, Bangladesh has one of the safest and most transparent apparel industries. But there is now no room for complacency, and what will happen to the Accord?

Suez Canal crisis will lead to lingering logistics disruption 9 Apr 2021

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The fallout from the Ever Given blockage of the Suez Canal continues with concerns about delays and container shortages impacting European garment supply chains.

Clothing sector likely major loser from Myanmar coup 8 Feb 2021

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Tough American government sanctions against Myanmar, and a re-evaluation of the country as a stable sourcing partner are among potential repercussions of the recent coup

Key issues set to shape apparel sourcing in 2021 18 Jan 2021

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How is the sourcing landscape likely to shift in 2021, and what can apparel firms and their suppliers do to stay ahead, remain competitive and build resilience for the future? Read our report to find out

Building value in relationships amid a pandemic 27 Oct 2020

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The worldwide pandemic is forcing the industry to undergo a dramatic transformation that is playing out in real time. Key to surviving this is building strong brand/supplier relationships.

Textile waste becoming new apparel resource 26 Oct 2020

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An increasing number of industry studies and initiatives have identified the importance of apparel and textile waste as a new resource for the sector.

Pandemic pushing apparel retailers to the brink 14 Jul 2020

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The Covid-19 pandemic has weighed heavily on the finances of many apparel retailers over the last three months, pushing many into administration.

Brands bail on Boohoo as it launches supplier investigation 8 Jul 2020

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A number of major online fashion retailers, including Next and Asos, have dropped the Boohoo Group's brands over renewed claims of exploitation and unsafe conditions at one of its UK supplier factories.

Kingpins talks denim at second virtual show 25 Jun 2020

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Kingpins24 has held its second virtual show this year, with a focus on product, from mills to manufacturers.

Kingpins transforms into virtual event 27 Apr 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has led to most industry events this year being cancelled. Some, like Kingpins, have gone virtual. Through a series of webinars, industry experts have discussed how Covid-19 is impacting the denim industry.

Xinjiang labour abuse reports hit apparel industry 11 Mar 2020

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Reports have surfaced of alleged forced labour practices in China's Xinjiang province. Industry bodies are now calling on the US government to help find a solution that protects the right of workers and the integrity of global supply chains

Why vegan fashion materials require careful scrutiny 19 Feb 2020

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As veganism continues to gain popularity among consumers, it's no surprise that apparel and footwear firms are looking to join the movement. However, there are a number of issues brands and retailers must consider before declaring products as "vegan".

How coronavirus is impacting the global clothing industry 4 Feb 2020

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just-style's ongoing coverage of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak looks at its effect on global fashion retailers and their supply chains.

Are companies "greenwashing" sustainability goals? 30 Jan 2020

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This week has seen more pledges by companies to make their organisations carbon-netural, which has drawn both praise and criticism.

Key issues set to shape apparel sourcing in 2020 16 Jan 2020

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Disruption and uncertainty remain the biggest challenges facing apparel brands, retailers and their global supply chains heading into the new decade. Unpredictable trade changes, pressure for smarter and faster decisions, and new levels of sustainability will all weigh on 2020.

The apparel industry issues that shaped 2019 23 Dec 2019

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Of the thousands of stories published on just-style during 2019, we've filtered out the year's top issues. Trade, M&A, strategic sourcing, recycling, 3D technology, and worker welfare were just some of the topics that made the headlines.

Has Africa's clothing chain reached a tipping point? 29 Nov 2019

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Two potential windows of opportunity are simultaneously opening for the East African cotton-to-clothing supply chain: the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and the expected shift of garment production from Asia to Africa.

Weaving a sustainable future for US denim 8 Oct 2019

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Bringing together the whole cotton supply chain from farmers to fashion brands is key to understanding the raw material's environmental impact and enabling retailers to make true sustainability claims about the fibres contained in clothes.

How to accelerate Africa apparel sourcing? 20 Sep 2019

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The industry remains optimistic at sub-Saharan Africa's capability in the textile and apparel sector – but many challenges remain before it can reach its full potential.

Mitigating the US-China tariff impact 29 Aug 2019

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Some brands are mitigating the potential impact of new China tariffs. Here's how...

Facing up to fashion's sustainability and ethical challenges 17 Jul 2019

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Speakers at a recent conference organised by the ASBCI (Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry) face up to fashion's sustainability and ethical challenges

US-China trade war ramps up 1 Jul 2019

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An imminent rise in new tariffs on virtually all US imports from China – including textiles, apparel and footwear – has raised its head again thanks to a new tweet from President Trump. But what's potentially at stake?

China tariff war – the impact on US textiles and apparel 7 May 2019

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Just as it seemed the ongoing US-China trade war was heading into the final round of talks, US President Trump has threatened to not only raise tariffs – but to extend them to cover all imports from China.

Denim's new sustainable direction 27 Mar 2019

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The denim and jeans sector is having to work tirelessly to change perceptions over its sustainability – or lack of it. Here's how change is underway.

Outlook 2019 – Apparel industry issues in the year ahead 18 Jan 2019

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The global apparel industry and its supply chain are facing unchartered territory in 2019, according to feedback from executives consulted by just-style

The year on just-style – Highlights of 2018 21 Dec 2018

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Of the thousands of stories published on just-style during the last year, we've filtered out the top news, comment, analysis and interviews of 2018. The US-China trade war, digitalisation, worker safety and sustainability were just some of the issues covered.

UK inquiry into the impact of fast fashion 5 Dec 2018

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The UK Environmental Audit Committee launched an inquiry into the environmental impacts of the garment industry, as well as social issues such as workers' rights and fair pay.

Magnifying sustainability impact through collaboration 28 Nov 2018

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This year's Fair Wear Foundation Annual Summit discussed ways brands and organisations can collaborate, build bridges and magnify their sustainability impact, both on an individual level and as a community.

The failure of the US garment industry 21 Nov 2018

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In this three-part series we look at why the US garment industry is now in a state of failure – and whether smart factories and reshoring will offer some salvation

Building a smart future for fashion 23 Oct 2018

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The 34th World Fashion Convention took place in Maastricht in October, organised by the International Apparel Federation (IAF) and addressing the theme 'Building a Smart Future for Fashion'.