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Why is the used clothing trade such a hot-button issue? 3 Aug 2018

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US apparel imports from Rwanda have lost their duty-free benefits under AGOA after it refused to lift a policy that bans imports of used clothing. Here we look into world used clothing trade – and why it deserves more attention.

US trade policy remains top sourcing concern 26 Jul 2018

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The impact of a protectionist trade policy agenda in the US is the top challenge for the US fashion industry in 2018 – closely followed by increasing cost pressure, which is creeping up executives' agendas again.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 4 Jul 2018

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Sustainability and social responsibility, "responsible automation", and digitalisation, are among the challenges facing today’s apparel sourcing executives.

Clothing caught as EU and US tariff spat escalates 7 Jun 2018

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The European Union (EU) is planning to impose safeguard duties on imports of US-made clothing in response to punitive tariffs by the Trump administration on steel and aluminium – a decision that has been slammed by the US clothing sector.

The impact of global purchasing practices on industry 23 May 2018

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Fashion brands are setting purchasing practices that are driving prices down while trying to fill holes through code of conducts and social auditing. What impact is this having on the supply chain and how do we address the challenges?

Rana Plaza five years on – A time for reflection 24 Apr 2018

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As the global garment industry stops to reflect on the tragic events that took place in Bangladesh five years ago, it is also a time to consider what has changed, what hasn't – and what still needs to be done

Winners and losers of a Trump tariff on China garments 20 Mar 2018

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As President Donald Trump prepares to impose punitive tariffs on Chinese imports into the United States, we take a look at the potential winners and losers in the global garment trade

Pure sourcing 20 Mar 2018

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How brands can work to build a compliant supply chain, the challenges of reshoring in the UK, and the business of mass customisation were all subjects discussed at this year's Pure Origin event in London.

US apparel imports 12 Feb 2018

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Figures from the Office of Textiles and Apparel show the volume of US apparel and textile imports was up 3.2% in 2017, and the average unit price of China's exports have dropped steadily over the last seven years.

Outlook 2018 – Apparel industry issues in the year ahead 11 Jan 2018

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2018 is set to be a year in which disruptive trends that have been on the horizon start to become the norm for the apparel industry and its supply chain, according to feedback from executives consulted by just-style

Top 20 of 2017 22 Dec 2017

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A look at the top news, analysis, comment, and interviews published on just-style in 2017.

State of Sourcing 2018 – just-style survey results 20 Dec 2017

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The global apparel supply chain will continue to be buffeted by rising costs and pressure for faster deliveries, smaller quantities and more styles in 2018, according to just-style's annual State of Sourcing survey.

A first look for what's ahead in 2018 11 Dec 2017

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The global fashion industry is on track for continued growth in 2018. We take a look at some of the trends shaping the industry and what's in store for next year.

ABSCI considers Brexit impact on UK textile industry 16 Nov 2017

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The scale of the challenge presented by Brexit to the UK’s fashion and textiles industry was laid bare at this year's ASBCI’s conference.

Textile Exchange 2017 Textile Sustainability Conference 16 Oct 2017

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Textile Exchange says the outcome of this year's conference will identify action items to develop a roadmap to 2030 for the industry.

How the global apparel sourcing landscape is changing 20 Sep 2017

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"Speed-to-market," "product differentiation" and "inventory control" are some of the most popular buzzwords. Vietnam continues to lure US firms. Competition is intensifying between western hemisphere supply chains and factories in Asia. But there are still no sourcing alternatives to China

NAFTA renegotiation – Key issues for textiles and apparel 20 Jul 2017

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As the United States, Canada and Mexico prepare to begin formal talks to renegotiate the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), we take an in-depth look at key issues for textile and apparel supply chains.

US reviewing AGOA country eligibility 14 Jul 2017

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The US has launched its annual review into the eligibility of sub-Saharan African countries to receive benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) – but is also looking at withdrawing benefits for Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda

Texprocess & Techtextil 2017 2 Jun 2017

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Digitalisation was a buzz-word at the recent Texprocess apparel technology trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, with new tools allowing data to flow seamlessly from digital design and development all the way through the supply chain.

Apparel made in Ethiopia 8 May 2017

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just-style’s editor Leonie Barrie recently visited Ethiopia to see for herself the massive developments taking place to elevate this East African nation into a compelling new garment and textile sourcing hub for brands, retailers and their suppliers.

Rana Plaza - Four year anniversary 24 Apr 2017

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On the fourth anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh, just-style looks at the changes that have been made to improve worker and building safety within the country's ready-made garment industry.

PSF 2017 – Navigating the perfect storm in fashion sourcing 24 Mar 2017

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Global political frictions and economic uncertainty, investment in automation and efficiencies, digitalisation, data and skills shortages are among the challenges facing today’s apparel sourcing executives.

Primark challenges critics with India cotton initiative 14 Feb 2017

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With the aim of ensuring all cotton in its products is sourced sustainably, Primark is adamant having a business model focused on offering the lowest prices is not at odds with efforts to improve ethical standards in its supply chain.

Outlook 2017 – Apparel industry issues in the year ahead 7 Jan 2017

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2017 is shaping up to be another uncertain year for the apparel industry and its supply chain, according to feedback from a panel of executives consulted by just-style.

Top 20 of 2016 23 Dec 2016

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just-style takes a look at the top news, analysis, comment, and interviews published on just-style in 2016.

Fashion finance – Freeing up capital in the apparel supply chain 2 Dec 2016

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Specialised finance products for the garment industry, solutions for keeping track of inventory, and software systems to guide planning and operations are all covered in our special reports on how to free up capital in the apparel supply chain.

Madagascar back on the apparel sourcing radar 22 Nov 2016

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Madagascar all but fell off the sourcing radar when it lost its duty-free privileges to the US at the beginning of 2010. But a change of fortunes in the last two years is now seeing its apparel exports bounce back.

What a Trump presidency might mean for apparel 11 Nov 2016

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Global markets were thrown into disarray after Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States. The win is also likely to mean that international trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) fall by the wayside.

Fast fashion: Key issues as time-to-market shrinks 7 Nov 2016

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Fast fashion brands face numerous challenges, from ensuring they make decisions that get orders right the first time, to navigating complex logistical issues, and having the flexibility to make swift decisions and changes. Here we offer some solutions.

Fashion in flux – figuring out future supply chains 4 Nov 2016

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Apparel retailers and brands must take a hard look at their current business models and supply chains if they want to remain competitive into the future.