WhichPLM names Lectra the Top Fashion PLM Solution on the Market

WhichPLM names Lectra the Top Fashion PLM Solution on the Market

If you’ve ever considered investing in a PLM solution for your company, then you’re likely familiar with WhichPLM. This independent, online magazine and source of free advice for the RFA and CPG industries, specifically for Product Lifecycle Management, carries out regular evaluations of fashion-specific PLM solutions. Lectra is very excited to announce that its PLM solution has scored highest on their vendor evaluation for the third year in a row!

Drawing on 30-years of hands-on PDM, CPM & PLM experience, WhichPLM uses exhaustive research methods to deliver independent, unbiased conclusions. Their benchmarks are unlike any other, and take into account software, services, roadmap and development, executive vision and customer feedback. The evaluation unfolds in two phases, beginning with an assessment of solution’s technical and functional maturity via an in-depth demonstration and customer interviews. Next, a strategic and commercial assessment is carried out via detailed discussions with the executive management team.

A solution that outperforms the competition
This is the third time Lectra has been benchmarked by WhichPLM, and the company is proud to see that its solution outscored the competition in 32 out of the 44 functional areas evaluated. Lectra has spent the last year profoundly rethinking and reworking its Fashion PLM 4.0 solution, and this ranking is proof that the new strategy of modular, cost-effective solutions has paid off.

According to the WhichPLM, “Over the course of several on-site assessments and more than ten years’ exposure to the business itself, we have seen Lectra evolve from a provider of design solutions, manufacturing hardware and PLM, to a company with a compelling vision for the future of smart, connected fashion technology and a keen understanding of the implications of ‘Industry 4.0’.”

Using WhichPLM’s rating system, Lectra earned “3.75/5 possible stars, and an overall grade at the extremely high end of ‘above average.’ By way of comparison, the current industry average star rating is 2/5 possible stars, and an overall grade of ‘reasonable.’”

Here’s a glimpse at what makes Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 stand out from the competition.

4 stars:

  • Collaboration & Integration

  • Graphical User Interface

  • Specification Management

  • Material Development

3.5 stars:

  • 3D-Technical

  • Colour Licensing

  • Bill Of Material (BOM) Management

  • Application Protocol Interface (API)

  • Costing

  • Adobe Creative Suite Intergration

A solution that adapts to any fashion business model
What convinced WhichPLM that Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 is the best solution currently on the market? According to the experts, it’s “well-priced, fully-featured, has an outstanding user experience that is consistent across all modules, and is sold and supported by a business that understands the future of fashion intimately.”

Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 is designed to help retailers, brands, and manufacturers be more creative, automate non-value-added tasks, and embrace the future of digital supply chains and industrial integration. To adapt to the challenges facing fashion’s diverse landscape, the solution is sold in three different starter configurations based on these three business models, which Lectra has identified through extensive research into the different personas of PLM users. These are:

  • Design To Source

  • Develop To Source

  • Develop To Manufacture

Users can expect an enhanced user experience, easier integration with existing ecosystems, expanded libraries, deeper integration between designers and patternmakers, and powerful material forecasting tools. Coupled with easy onboarding, Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 is a clear step towards improving accessibility and user satisfaction without the significant costs of customization.

Want to know more?
Read the full evaluation here to find out why Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0 is the most highly recommended fashion PLM solution on the market today.

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