Recent technological advances have brought new excitement to the stain repellent and odour control categories. Last year, Nano-Care fabric protection was named as one of Time magazine's Coolest Inventions of the Year. Companies like Dockers, using the DuPont Teflon Stain Defender technology, have captured the consumer's imagination with a variety of unique commercials. Nanotechnology, perhaps the most important technology covered in this month's management briefing, is adding much to the excitement, but also confuses some consumers. In order to chart the trends in these new technology areas, we contacted the market leaders. We asked them how their current product offerings were doing in their various markets. We also gathered information on their branding efforts and new products just coming online. We asked each to refer us to a customer in apparel or retailing to gain additional perspective. Finally, we queried them about staying ahead of the curve as more and more companies enter these new technology markets.