India is one of the world's oldest major textile exporters and was once by far the largest. However, when quota-restrictions slammed shut the gates to free trade, the country's exports were accordingly channelled and fragmented. Preferential trade arrangements placed further constraints, as both the US and the EU provided duty-free and quota-free access to selected countries. As a result, India now has just over 3% of the global trade in apparel - but despite its low share, it still remains among the Top 10 exporters of textiles and clothing in the world. This month's briefing aims to present a general guide to the industry in India, including its scope, skills and recent developments. The study also looks at investments by the industry and government support whilst discussing any potential pitfalls that buyers should watch out for. After the removal of quotas, India is now expected to grow its share of the global marketplace but does it have the stamina to catch up with China?