February 2006 management briefing

Based on three recent just-style visits to Turkey in late 2005 and early 2006 and an extensive number of interviews conducted with Turkish industrialists and trade staff, this briefing presents an overview of the existing "traditional textiles" sector and the potential for technical textiles growth within Turkey. For the purpose of this briefing technical textiles are defined as "advanced flexible materials" for which the technical performance and physical properties are more important than features such as colour and pattern. As the traditional textiles sector in Turkey has matured and is seeing increasing competition from other lower-cost countries, many are turning to innovation in Turkey to keep driving the industry. According to Ahmet Temiroglu, president of the Turkish Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industries' Association, rather than compete with Chinese processors Turkey must produce more sophisticated products rather than basic products. Read the full story of Turkey's textiles industry prospects here.

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