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June 2011 management briefing: The changing face of clothing retail 1 Jun 2011

Contains 4 articles

As the economic recovery accelerates, global clothing retail trends are showing great diversity. From eco-friendly fashions to online opportunities and emerging BRICM markets, this management briefing from just-style looks at where the smart money will be heading next.

May 2011 management briefing: Apparel software trends in the year ahead 4 May 2011

Contains 4 articles

In this month’s management briefing, just-style looks at apparel supply challenges in 2011, how software can help tackle some of these issues, and where firms should be focusing their investments now if they want to remain competitive into the future.

March 2011 management briefing: Eco-friendly textiles and clothing 4 Mar 2011

Contains 4 articles

In its drive to become more ethical and environmentally-friendly, the global fashion and textile industry is facing numerous challenges and opportunities. In this month’s management briefing, just-style looks at how green production can help to cut costs and deal with factory waste, and the way regulations are pushing the sector towards sustainability.

January/February 2011 management briefing: Apparel industry issues to watch in 2011 7 Feb 2011

Contains 4 articles

A perfect storm of supply and demand has left apparel manufacturers and retailers facing a cocktail of higher costs at a time when western economies are still limping towards recovery. Here just-style looks at some of the key issues topping the apparel industry agenda in 2011, including what will happen to cotton prices and availability; how firms can try to alleviate some of the pain within their supply chains; and opportunities for the retail sector.

December 2010 management briefing: A year in review 20 Dec 2010

Contains 4 articles

The global apparel industry was largely in recovery mode in 2010 following global economic turmoil the year before. And in all sectors, from retailing to manufacturing and sourcing, winners and losers were not hard to find. just-style’s review of the year tracks those for whom 2010 will be memorable in more ways than one, and also takes a look at some of the more unusual stories hitting the headlines.

November 2010 management briefing: Tapping into RFID tagging 22 Nov 2010

Contains 3 articles

RFID’s growth could be poised to accelerate dramatically, in a move that would take apparel retailing to a whole new level. Networked clothing that ‘talks’ to mirrors and shelves, increased accuracy in inventory and stock management, and protection against theft and counterfeits are a few of the benefits discussed in just-style’s November management briefing. But privacy concerns are also likely escalate as the tags become popular.

October 2010 management briefing: Tomorrow’s clothing and textile industry 25 Oct 2010

Contains 4 articles

In ten years’ time the textile and clothing industry maybe almost unrecognisable from its organisation today: Chinese-owned offshore production, unstoppable e-commerce, demand for eco-textiles, shifting luxury markets to Asia’s new middle class, and higher prices for everyone, are just some of the predictions discussed in this management briefing.

September 2010 management briefing: Clothing safety regulations 27 Sep 2010

Contains 4 articles

Wearing clothes is not the most dangerous of pastimes, but there are risks associated with wearing clothes, from the contact consumers and workers' skin has with the chemicals used in production, to potential for strangulation by drawstrings. This management briefing looks at how mature markets protect clothing and textile consumers from harm; how companies can make the REACH chemical safety system work for them; and how emerging markets are playing catch-up on global safety standards.

August 2010 management briefing: Distance to market 27 Aug 2010

Contains 4 articles

In troubled economic times it is safer to order small, often and close to home. Conversely, will the return of relative stability see textile and clothing firms ramp up their sourcing from manufacturers with low labour costs in Asia, no matter the distance to market? just-style's latest management briefing takes a look.

July 2010 management briefing: Size matters 27 Jul 2010

Contains 5 articles

Addressing size and fit issues is key to helping brands and retailers maintain a competitive edge and build their businesses in new and existing markets. In this latest management briefing, just-style looks at the challenges facing firms as they expand intentionally, the potential for growth in the US plus-size market, and how the latest data on body size has a commercial role to play.

June 2010 management briefing: Latin America special report 25 Jun 2010

Contains 4 articles

There are signs around the world that the textile market is beginning to recover from the global economic crisis, and that developing markets will be leading the recovery. Here, just-style looks at how countries in Latin America have weathered the storm, with their dynamic textile and apparel industries now well positioned for future expansion.

BONUS: June 2010 management briefing 22 Jun 2010

Contains 1 article

Earlier this year just-style surveyed its global readership of apparel industry professionals concerning the year ahead. The survey included questions on manufacturing, retailing, global demand and sourcing. This exclusive briefing provides a summary of the responses.

May 2010 management briefing 10 May 2010

Contains 1 article

With so much competition in design and price within the apparel and textile sector, manufacturers are always looking for an edge. One way in which they can steal a march on competitors is with fibre innovation. Here just-style takes a global look at some of the top centres of fibre research.

March 2010 management briefing 1 Mar 2010

Contains 1 article

In this latest management briefing, we round up some findings from some of just-style’s recently published market sector research reports, plus we preview a forthcoming title looking at how tomorrow’s apparel industry might take shape. This new report will be a think piece about the future of the apparel industry. It’s intended to encourage apparel industry executives to consider what is going to shape future products, markets and processes in the apparel industry.

February 2010 management briefing 1 Feb 2010

Contains 1 article

If 2009 was a year of struggle for the global clothing and textile industry, as manufacturers and retailers alike battled to cope with the depth and severity of the worldwide recession, then what lies ahead in 2010? Searching for those elusive ‘green shoots’ of recovery following the economic turmoil of 2009 will certainly top the agenda for the apparel sourcing community this year. This briefing looks at what's in store for the apparel industry in 2010, from sourcing winners and losers to trade

December 2009 management briefing 1 Dec 2009

Contains 1 article

A year of struggle would be the best way to sum up 2009 as far as the global clothing and textile industry is concerned. The depth and severity of the worldwide recession left many clothing and textile companies reeling, even impacting upon China, which had previously been dominating global markets. However by the end of the year, the recovery had kicked in, especially in the key Asian emerging markets and saw established brands looking to strengthen their position in these new economic powerhou

November 2009 management briefing 1 Nov 2009

Contains 1 article

Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, results across the clothing and retail sectors have demonstrated how exposed the apparel industry is to the economic turmoil gripping the world. just-style has tracked its impact on the industry and, as this briefing shows, made sense of an unprecedented time. This collection of articles from just-style's team of leading researchers, analysts and commentators puts the complex events of the last year and their impact on the manfacturing, so

October 2009 management briefing 6 Oct 2009

Contains 1 article

It almost seems common sense to say that an industry providing such a human product as clothing has to take account of cultural sensibilities in target markets. But it is not as simple as that. It’s not only Italians who appreciate Italian suits and shoes. Women worldwide appreciate French couture. And British tailoring has respect far beyond the shores of the UK. But one-size does not fit-all consumers. There are a bewildering variety of body shapes and sizes in different countries, and althoug

September 2009 management briefing 9 Sep 2009

Contains 1 article

The Indian clothing sector is emerging from its traditional outsourcing-hub image and establishing its own brands that sell modern design and high quality garments in the international market. A resurgent economy still growing during the current global economic downturn and the official encouragement of entrepreneurial freedom have brought forward talented designers to challenge established names in the business. Many companies, at the cutting edge of this new development are learning the market

July 2009 management briefing 1 Jul 2009

Contains 1 article

The progress the clothing sector has made over the past ten years in improving labour conditions in its supply chain has shown what can be achieved by companies acting both individually and collectively to address an area of acute public concern. To a degree, the intense media focus given to social issues in the supply chain has resulted in less public attention being given to the environmental impacts of the clothing and textiles industry, and by the same token to the efficacy of the industry’s

June 2009 management briefing 1 Jun 2009

Contains 1 article

If there was a year when long-term textile and clothing market forecasters missed by a mile, 2008 was it. Forecasts made in 2007 were dominated by looming concerns about trade restrictions, investment in technology, a potential slow-down of production and a consolidation of business investment but no one predicted what devastating effects an unexpected recession would have on the textiles and apparel sector. The global recession has led to fundamental and widespread change in the economic landsc

May 2009 management briefing 1 May 2009

Contains 1 article

Clothing and textile production and trade subsidies are under pressure today, as they have not been for many years. There has been a steady trend towards liberalisation in the sector worldwide. But many subsidies for the clothing, textile and its associated industries live on and can be vital for a company’s balance sheet. So, exactly which international and government organisations offer these handouts and how can they be secured? And where are those subsidies likely to survive in the future? j

April 2009 management briefing 1 Apr 2009

Contains 1 article

Where is the best cutting-edge research for the textile and clothing industry? Which are the best design schools, the best fabric developers and the best industrial innovators in the sector? Where are the brightest and best academics, research institutes, private companies, innovation networks and other sources of new technology, design, marketing and manufacturing innovation? Also, what intellectual property issues have to be negotiated in different countries? This month, just-style has asked t

March 2009 management briefing 1 Mar 2009

Contains 1 article

The growth in outsourcing within the clothing and textile sector worldwide has highlighted a key issue, and that is the relative merits of running an integrated company that handles basic production and design, or relying on a string of specialist suppliers to deliver the goods. This is not a new question for the sector. The clothing industry has sourced fibre, dyes and textile from foreign countries for centuries. But today, with developed world clothing companies increasingly moving production

January 2009 management briefing 1 Jan 2009

Contains 1 article

At the beginning of 2008, the apparel industry was focused on fears that Chinese prices would go through the roof as rising wages, new labour laws, worker shortages, the appreciation of the yuan and higher exporting costs took hold – sending many buyers in search of cheaper suppliers elsewhere. What a difference a year makes. Looking forward to 2009, this briefing outlines what the apparel industry might expect, how fashion firms will respond, what the downturn means for the supply chain and how

December 2008 management briefing 1 Dec 2008

Contains 1 article

2008 was a year of surprises for the international clothing and textile sector, many of them unpleasant. It was of course the year when the first global recession since the early 1990s hit the world, and inevitably this has impacted on international trading patterns and the fortunes of industry players, big and small... But the clothing and textile sector is known for its resilience and innovation so there was plenty of progress in 2008 as well. Its ability to change direction fast to meet new m

November 2008 management briefing 1 Nov 2008

Contains 1 article

Mounting concern over working conditions in the clothing supply chain in the 1990s spawned the creation of four initiatives, all of which sought to tackle the problem through a joint approach involving industry, NGOs and trade unions. All four organisations – the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) in the UK, the Fair Wear Foundation in the Netherlands, and the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and Social Accountability International (SAI) in the US – have played an important role in raising the profile o

October 2008 management briefing 1 Oct 2008

Contains 1 article

In this, the second edition of our now annual sector research review, we round up some findings from some of just-style’s recently published market sector research reports. All three featured reports are first editions for just-style and represent the expansion of our growing portfolio. We felt that future insights into the apparel industry, online apparel retailing and counterfeiting were all topics that needed covering – reflecting we hope, some of the hottest topics under consideration by the

September 2008 management briefing 23 Sep 2008

Contains 1 article

The ethical trade movement has come a long way since the launch of the Max Havelaar certification mark in the Netherlands in 1988. Having been founded by activists, the movement can no longer be defined merely as a campaign. Ethical trade has evolved constantly during the past 20 years but while it has arguably grown beyond many participants’ most optimistic hopes, there is no feeling on the part of strategists of the concept having ‘arrived’.This briefing looks at how Fairtrade cotton is develo

August 2008 management briefing 1 Aug 2008

Contains 1 article

The fast-fashion revolution is changing the face of the global apparel industry, which is struggling to meet the demands of an increasingly fickle clothing consumer. Retailers are under growing pressure to deliver ten fashion collections a year (up from the traditional four) to cater to shoppers with short attention spans while rising manufacturing costs and falling point of sale (POS) prices are squeezing margins. One technology that everyone agrees will become a make-or-break investment is