Apparel categories bundle: Global market reviews of Denim and Jeanswear, Lingerie, Corporatewear and Athleisurewear

Apparel categories bundle: Global market reviews of Denim and Jeanswear, Lingerie, Corporatewear and Athleisurewear

Published: December 2018
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This bundle of four reports provides an in-depth look into four key apparel categories; Denim and Jeanswear, Lingerie, Corporatewear and Athleisurewear.

Each report contains unique value and volume data for each category, plus information on the pricing structure, an explanation of the methodology used, and for Lingerie, Corporatewear and Denim and Jeanswear multi-year forecasts.

Here is a look at each report in a little more detail:

Denim and Jeanswear - global market review, forecasts to 2023
(Published December 2018)

This ever-popular report summarises the global production and market consumption of denim jeanswear worldwide. We have refreshed and updated the 2017 edition, in particular we've re-written the executive summary, completely updated the world jeans market chapters and data, and the concluding industry trends and issues chapter.

Chapter 1 sizes the global market retail value. Data is broken down into regions and both historic and forecast year-by-year estimates are provided. Data is also split by broad product price bands to provide a sense of where the value is spread.

In this edition of the report, just-style has combined the idea of fashionability with that of price, in the form of a price-fashion matrix. Fashionability is a very subjective issue in clothing, and no more so than in the jeans sector. What is one person’s commodity, a five pocket Western jean, may be high fashion to another because of a change to cut, such as straight leg, or skinny, or flared. The fashionability categories covered are: Functional; Authentic; Fashionable; and Brand afficionado.

The report then covers the category in much the same way as retail value, but by market volume. In this chapter it also focuses on key markets, including the US, Brazil, Russia, India and China. Interestingly, the world jeans market size will break through the 2 billion pairs barrier during the forecast period.

Lingerie - global market review, forecasts to 2023
(Published July 2018)

This ninth edition of just-style’s global market review of lingerie features estimates for the world retail market for total lingerie and for its three main component parts; bras, briefs and “other” lingerie.

This edition draws from just-style’s re:source software, allowing more analysis of the supply chain, namely, where in the world the lingerie is being manufactured for women to wear in the developed country and regional retail markets. It also features a reviews of the relative importance of brands, own label retail and anonymous merchandise in each continent and insight into who are the main global lingerie players.

Retail markets covered include: World total, North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

Producing countries include: Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Turkey, Romania, China, Mexico.

Corporatewear - global market review, forecasts to 2022
(Published February 2018)

Corporatewear is a business to business sale at wholesale prices, providing clothing for employees that is given to them free to wear by their employer. There are five accepted corporatewear product definitions which are health and general workwear, uniforms, promotional casual and corporate career clothing.

This 2018 edition of the corporatewear report focuses attention on two subjects - industrial corporatewear (clothes bought by employers for employees to wear at work) and the factors affecting the garment and fabric decision choices made in the corporate workwear garment selection process.

In 2017 the global corporatewear market size was estimated at 862m garments worth US$12,100m at wholesale prices. This is approximately 7% of the wholesale value of the clothing retail industry, and therefore an important sector for marketers and for garment and fabric suppliers.

The report's unit and US$ numbers are broken down into garment categories (product types), and by the method of supply (also commonly known as route to market). Both are important because they help explain the fabric decision process.

Athleisurewear - global market review
(Published November 2017)

This report is a significant departure from just-style’s normal approach to clothing market sectors. The fundamental premise of this report is that athleisurewear is worn for the purpose of the experience, not as a product only and so our market estimates are based on what the garment is to be worn for, rather than what the garment actually is.

The report looks at the indoorwear, outdoorwear, underwear, accessories, sports/casual, and sports/sporty casual categories and combines it with data on participation in exercise, sports and athleisure activities, and membership of health clubs and gyms plus retail pricing data to arrive at at market estimates for 2017 for selected North American and European countries.

It also concentrates on activities that the consumers of athleisurewear participate in to undertake the experience - including the organisers of these “experiences” missing out on the commercial opportunities athleisurewear offers. General physical retailers are not attracting athleisurewear purchasers, unlike specialist sports retailers and both general purpose and athleisure specialist catalogues/internet sites.

Elsewhere in the report, the authors discuss celebrity endorsements and design, brand and owner profiles and we conclude on whether the category is set to be just a short-term trend, or an irreversible change to consumers' wearing habits.

More information can be found on each of the separate reports here:

Global market review of lingerie – forecasts to 2023

Global market review of corporatewear – forecasts to 2022

Global market review of athleisurewear: a fad or here to stay?

Global market review of denim and jeanswear – forecasts to 2023

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