Harnessing 3D Virtualization to Connect Consumers with Must-Have Product

If consumers are driving the digital journey, is your team ready?

There's a fundamental change happening in the fashion industry, driven by 3D technologies and a digitally native consumer. Business leaders cite process inefficiency and cost as key reasons for embarking on the 3D journey, however, product design and development processes haven't changed for decades. What is holding us back; is it process, people or just mindset?

The balance of power is shifting with the world’s leading brands seeming to lag behind their customers' expectations. How do we transform our industry, reconnect with the customer, fulfill their desire for an enriched experience, ultimately turning customers into product advocates and custodians.

Watch MOTIF and their panel of apparel industry experts hold a compelling conversation on:

  • What is the consumer expecting today?
  • What's holding the fashion industry back from meeting consumer demand?
  • What are the biggest roadblocks, barriers and challenges?
  • Do we have a technology problem or skills gap problem?
  • What is the product design and development model of the future?

Event Moderator:

Jackie Lewis, Course Development Director, MOTIF


Eryn Gregory, Founder, Ergodesign
Cameron-James Wilson, CEO, The Diigitals
Emily Roosen, Senior Manager, Digital Transformation, STITCH
Joshua Young, Digital Product Creation Consultant, Joshua Young Consulting / Thought Provoking Consulting

Who should watch? This webinar is aimed at mid to senior-level management managing E2E processes in the apparel or footwear sectors considering 3D adoption. It is relevant for a broad audience including personnel involved in product design, development and commercialization at sourcing companies, retailers & brands, and suppliers.

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