A pair of basic blue jeans that sells for just $11 has been rated "best fit" among two dozen major brands in tests by a leading US consumer magazine, it was revealed on Wednesday.

Faded Glory's women's classic fit jeans were named the most comfortable pair of jeans out of the 24 brands tested by consumers and industry experts using criteria such as fit, size variation, softness against the skin, and shrinkage.

The results were published in Consumer Reports' August issue, with the Faded Glory brand - available for $11 in Wal-Mart - picked ahead of brands that commonly retail for up to $50.

"It's an amazing accomplishment to be recognised as one of the best fitting jeans in America. We're ecstatic that Consumer Reports magazine thought to test an $11 jean against the higher priced brands," said Holly Ferris, vice president of ladies merchandising for Faded Glory.

In addition to jeans, the brand also offers a full collection of sportswear, accessories and footwear.