"Apparel sourcing problems should be addressed with speed, clarity and honesty"

"Apparel sourcing problems should be addressed with speed, clarity and honesty"

Apparel sourcing problems should be addressed with speed, clarity and honesty in order to achieve the best possible resolution, according to a new report.

'When Things Go Wrong' – to be published in February but available via an offer to new members of just-style – states that successful problem resolution requires the quick and clear delivery of bad news, a realistic action plan complete with time and cost information to present to stakeholders, and the assessment of future risk.

Conversely, denying the problem exists, unfairly penalising suppliers, and whitewashing of problems will exacerbate the problem and almost guarantee the organisation will learn nothing from the experience.

The report's author, apparel sourcing consultant Margie Bros, also identifies four areas where problems occur most often: quality claims, delayed shipments, compliance violations, natural disasters and civil unrest – and offers guidance on how to approach each issue.

The full list is reproduced below:

22 Dos and Don’ts - When Apparel Sourcing Goes Wrong

DoDo not
Respect and protect your brand’s prioritiesTake risks with people, your brand, your product, your business, your relationships
Take responsibility for problems that happen on your watchDeny that the problem exists, make excuses or point fingers
Deliver bad news with speed, clarity and honestyStonewall, obfuscate or whitewash
Calibrate, investigate and communicateDole out unconfirmed and incomplete information
Present solutions quantified by time and costLeave out the most important information
Negotiate fairly with a path to go forwardPenalise (or ruin) suppliers because you can
Implement a realistic action planSlow down before crossing the finish line
Identify weak linksLearn nothing from the experience
Assess future riskAssume that lightning can’t strike twice
Make changes if justifiedProtect weak links
Give deserving employees and suppliers the benefit of the doubtOverreact

Source: just-style

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