Sixty UK Limited, the trading company for the Miss Sixty and Energie clothing brands in the UK, will come out of administration within the next month, saving around 250 jobs.

The move comes after creditors and shareholders agreed a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) for a revised business model that will enable the company to return to normal trading.

Administrator Peter Hollis, client partner at Vantis Business Recovery Services and supervisor of the CVA, Peter Hollis, said: "This is a good news story on an otherwise gloomy high street. It is a triumph for sensible attitudes and strong, reasonable negotiations.

"Through proper dialogue with stakeholders and management, we have been able to develop a robust trading strategy, while Sixty UK operations continued uninterrupted.

"It is my hope that this will prove a milestone in the processes used and outcomes achieved for the ailing retail sector."

Sixty UK Limited, which runs 12 high street stores, concessions in major department stores and also sells through independent fashion outlets, went into administration on 1 October 2008.