An industry group set up to advance the 3D scanning, modelling and visualisation technology being used in virtual and in-store retail shopping has approved a project to develop a standard for 3D body processing.

The IEEE 3141 – Standard for 3D Body Processing (3DBP) project from the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) will establish a uniform means for technology providers, serving industries such as retail, medical, health and wellness, and sports and athletics, to design and implement scalable and robust immersive experiences through standardisation of 3DBP technologies.

The emergence of 3DBP technologies is changing how people interact and engage across a range of semi- to fully-immersive experiences, such as shopping, education, and recreational activities.

Consumer-facing industries are motivated to invest in the delivery of quality experiences, yet adoption remains limited due to market and technology fragmentation, as well as a lack of interoperability and scalability with current solutions.

IEEE P3141 aims to overcome these challenges through rigorous evaluation and specification of methods, tools and frameworks to accelerate standards-based interoperability, communication, security, and comparison of quality of experiences among 3DBP technologies.

"IEEE is helping improve 3DBP technologies by promoting an open and collaborative ecosystem where top technologists from around the world can contribute and unlock shared value for stakeholders across the supply chain," says Luciano Oviedo, chair, IEEE P3141/3DBP IC.

"We've been able to successfully garner unique industry insights from partners, such as the 3D Retail Coalition, to help develop market and technology requirements vital towards standardisation.

"Given that our technology plans also include the intersection of 3DBP with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, we're excited about expanding our roadmap to evaluate the impact of these technologies on business models and society, exploring topics such as privacy, accessibility and data transparency."

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Group set up to standardise 3D body processing tools