The Qatari Armed Forces is using 3D body scanners to measure of 3,200 military personnel as part of a programme to redevelop its uniforms portfolio.

Project research is being carried out by the Center for Research in Design at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, using the Anthroscan and Xfit Army software from German-based Human Solutions.
A shortage of anthropometric data for the country's armed forces means that body measurements must be taken before the uniform prototypes are produced.

3D body scanners are being used to take these measurements, with the data evaluated by Anthroscan and size and fit allocation of uniform sizes carried out by Xfit Army.
A wide range of uniform sizes and fits is necessary since 80 % of the population in Qatar comes from India, Pakistan, Iran or other Arabian and African countries.
The project will last around 2.5 years, from the first uniform design to final manufacture of all the uniforms.