By combining made-to-measure manufacturing methodology with the latest 3D virtual try-on technology, Israeli software supplier Scanvec Garment Systems (SGS) believes it has the tools to help give customers the confidence to shop online.

The company is targeting apparel manufacturers, designers, retailers, e-tailers and catalogue companies with its Interactive Virtual 3D Draping solution and the Modulate made-to-measure system.

The two products are specifically aimed at businesses with mass customisation and Internet related interests, and should bring a new dimension to B2C operations. At a basic level, online shoppers will be able to view, on parametric mannequins, the products offered by e-tailers before placing their orders. And the manufacturers/retailers that have the Modulate mass customisation software will be able to deliver made-to-measure products to the online apparel shopper.

Modulate has been developed for both single unit and mass producers. Each product is designed to fit a particular set of parametric dimensions - such as a specific body shape or manufacturing requirements. For example, Modulate will shape and fit a shirt using the dimensions 'back waist,' 'armhole', 'chest' and 'side.' Once the parametric product has been fully defined, its dimensions form a template that can be used to generate an unlimited number of different products. Modulate can import/export data to or from most standard CAD/CAM packages and connects to output devices such as printers, plotters and automatic cutters.
Modules within the 3D Pattern Design solution include the new Interactive Virtual 3D Draping solution. This enables a designer to visualise, in real time and on a 3D full-scale human image (avatar), all modifications to pattern pieces made in Modulate. So, for example, the fabric drape changes automatically while a designer makes a two dimensional adaptation.

By utilising actual garment information, a 'Virtual-Realistic Object' can be built of the individuals represented by the parametric mannequins. The software enables the user to inspect the fabric, colour, stitches, darts, pleats, folds and accessories such as buttons, and the images can be freely rotated, inspected from multiple angles, and zoomed in and out. SGS is confident that '"the entire process will probably be the fastest draping solution available."

In a B2B Internet environment, 3D4B2B (3D for business-to-business) is a web enabled 3D virtual fit modelling application that can be plugged in to an existing website.

It allows the entire supply chain to preview the product, and share collaborative input. The manufacturer and supplier at different locations will be able to view a parametric style on the web and alter it in real time. They can confirm a style edited by one or both parties by inspecting it on a parametric avatar through virtual try-on (3D).