Body data platform 3DLOOK is helping to improve fit across the apparel uniform sector after joining a trade association representing professional workwear and corporate clothing companies.

The San Mateo, California based firm's 3DLOOK Body Data Platform can provide fast and accurate customer body measurements taken with its 3D body scanning technology accessible through any smartphone. 

By joining the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW) it says its digital approach to fit and sizing will enable members to produce clothing based on accurate measurements and 3D body shapes to ensure that uniforms provided offer employees a precise fit.

Businesses may utilise real-time data analytics stored in a dashboard to optimise pattern development and grading rules, maximise production yields and reduce waste. 

The tool is already being used by a number of organisations and uniform providers in the US and globally, including US military branches, healthcare and international airlines.

"For the millions of employees globally that are required to wear a uniform, 3DLOOK's advanced approach to body data ensures that they are always comfortable in what they're wearing, while also helping to reduce the environmental impact of waste and returns due to ill-fitting uniforms," notes Vadim Rogovskiy, co-founder and CEO.