50on.com, Inc (OTC: FTYO), today announced the signing of a letter of intent for a merger with Design Marketing Concepts, LLC, a fashion driven apparel company.

50on.com announced today that a binding Merger Agreement is expected to be executed within the next few days, at which time the company will be amending its Articles of Incorporation to change the public entity name to Design Marketing Concepts, Inc. The company will continue trading under the symbol FTYO for the next few weeks pending further filings.

Design Marketing Concepts, LLC, (DMC) is a fashion driven apparel company, which designs and markets new contemporary looks for the women's fashion apparel market. DMC's approach is based on the founder's knowledge and expertise in this industry specialising in product, design, marketing and distribution of apparel. DMC's mission is to build a consistent reputation and distinctive image across an expanding number of products, brands and markets that reflect a Fashion Forward perspective and lifestyle.

DMC has moved quickly to meet its goals through an important licensing agreement. DMC has received a license from Big Bisou, Inc, a multi-million dollar firm, to design, develop and sell lines of women's swimwear and lingerie, as well as related apparel products, under the highly successful designer known as Bisou Bisou. DMC has also expanded its market to include private label designs for such clients as Victoria's Secret Catalogue and Victoria's Secret Stores. DMC products will be carried by major department stores such as Nordstrom and Nieman Marcus.

DMC has already signed several significant contracts requiring primary capital to fulfill. In order to meet these capital requirements, DMC has existing lines of credit with apparel lending resources ensuring the financing to produce swimwear and lingerie lines. More money equates to greater market penetration, chiefly achieved through advertising. Because of the existing contracts, DMC is immediately auditable, which will expedite the filing processes of becoming a fully reporting company under the NASD rules and regulations.