Fawn Evenson, president of the Footwear Division of the American Apparel & Footwear Association, is to retire. Ms Evenson, who is also AAFA vice president, Global Initiatives, is due to step down on 1 June after 32 years of service.
Ms Evenson has advised in every bi-lateral and multilateral trade negotiation in which the US has been involved since 1976.

She was chairman of the US Government's Industry Sector Advisory Committee for Footwear, Leather and Leather Products from 1976 until 2004, and is now vice chair of the Industry Trade Advisory Committee for Textiles and Clothing, a successor committee. The panel, appointed by the White House, advises the US government on trade policy.
In her career, Ms. Evenson has been involved in numerous trade cases, government and congressional lobbying, and has led trade missions throughout Europe and Asia.
AAFA president and CEO Kevin M Burke said Ms Evenson's "experience, knowledge and expertise will be missed. She has been a virtual ambassador around the globe for the footwear industry."