Acton International, a subsidiary of AirBoss of America, today announced the acquisition of manufacturing equipment from the bankrupt Canadian manufacturer William H. Kaufman that will allow the company to expand its line of specialized boots and high-end winter boots.William H. Kaufman Inc marketed its products under the brand name Sorel and Black Diamond. "Acton will now be the only manufacturer of hand-made natural rubber boots in Canada. We plan to take advantage of this acquisition to become the foremost Canadian manufacturer of high-end boots," stated Acton president and COO Francois Soucy."We are confident that sales will increase substantially in Canada, especially in the West, where we are in the process of expanding our distribution network. In addition, we will continue our foray into the US market," added Mr. Soucy.AirBoss is the second largest rubber mixing company in North America. It is also a manufacturer of rubber and plastic products, specialising in patented parts for the transportation industry.