Danny Glover attended the plant yesterday (24 March)

Danny Glover attended the plant yesterday (24 March)

US actor Danny Glover has lent his support to workers at a Hugo Boss suit plant in Cleveland, Ohio, which is due for closure next month.

Glover attended a press conference organised by the union Workers United yesterday (23 March) outside the company's only remaining garment manufacturing plant in the US.

The plant closure is scheduled for April 28.

Glover, who has starred in films including Lethal Weapon and Predator 2, also led a boycott of Hugo Boss suits at this year's Oscars.

He said in a letter at the time: "The workers are productive, and the plant is productive. But Hugo Boss has decided that it can make even more profit by moving production to Turkey or Eastern Europe."

A total of 310 jobs will be affected by the closure, which the union believes is "completely unnecessary" but Hugo Boss says is unavoidable because the plant has not been globally competitive for many years.

The company told just-style earlier this month: "Negotiations with the Labor Union representing the production employees and other state officials unfortunately did not yield any solution to improve the site's competitiveness.

"Given this situation, there was no economically reasonable alternative to closing the facility."