Adidas and Nautica have become the first apparel brands to offer their collections through an online visualisation portal called 'MaximWear - Off the Hook.'

The site, which has been developed by men's wear site Maxim Online and web-based sizing expert My Virtual Model Inc, enables men to "try on" dozens of outfits online by creating an interactive model based on their body type, features, face and hair.

Seeing themselves in a particular garment makes shoppers more confident about making a purchase decision says My Virtual Model, whether they are planning to visit the mall or complete an e-commerce transaction.

Shoppers may use their model from 'MaximWear - Off the Hook,' to visit a growing number of fashion brands and retailers. Adidas and Nautica are now 'live' on the site, using it as an interactive advertising experience and a transaction-enabled e-commerce interface respectively. Paul Frederick is said to be in development, and many others are set to follow too.