RMIT has won a supply chain research contract with the German company

RMIT has won a supply chain research contract with the German company

Sporting goods firm Adidas Group is funding a US$207,000 research project at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia, which will focus on boosting the company's supply chain.

RMIT University will work to advance the sustainable manufacturing of sports shoes and clothing in Asia.

A multi-disciplinary research team led by Professor Aleksandar Subic, head of RMIT’s School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, aims to identify the sustainable manufacturing capabilities and requirements of Adidas' suppliers in Indonesia. From this it hopes to establish a series of improvement projects.

Subic said: "This research project has enabled RMIT and the Adidas Group to establish an Asia-Pacific partnership in sustainable manufacturing.

"Our objective is to assist our partner Adidas to achieve excellence in sustainable manufacturing of sports apparel and footwear across the entire supply chain, starting with Indonesia in the first phase of the project."

The project, called the Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative (SMI), will involve RMIT researchers in sports technology, sustainable manufacturing, sustainable development, sustainable energy, supply chain management and textiles.

"RMIT was appointed following a global search for an institution which would be best placed to support Adidas Group in our drive to improve sustainability in our supply chain," said William Anderson, head of Social and Environmental Affairs, Asia Pacific, for the Adidas Group.

"RMIT secured this assignment based on their strengths in engineering, depth of understanding of sustainable manufacturing processes and their ongoing commitment to education in the region, which is exemplified by their Vietnam campuses."

The establishment of a regional Sustainable Manufacturing Institute or standardised training for manufacturing operations in Indonesia, China and Vietnam will also be considered in a final phase of the project.