Adidas AdizeroXVI range features three advancements

Adidas' AdizeroXVI range features three advancements

German sporting giant Adidas has developed a new swimwear range for the competitive market designed to improve speed, comfort and energy.

Unveiled at an exclusive event in Munich last month, the AdizeroXVI range for men and women features three advancements: energy optimisation; intelligent materials; and a stroke-specific biometric fit.

The range, which will launch in February next year, is a result of four years of research by the sports group, which involved 3D body scanning of elite swimmers to better understand shape, and the development of a process for a 3D-pattern of the new suit. 

The fabric, the bands and the tight fit of the suit are designed to give the athlete extra energy, Deborah Yeomans, director of future for Adidas said. They are also designed to simulate the key connective tissue of the body to help with posture and support. The bands in the suit have specific strength, based on their position, and the elastic material has 100% recovery. So when an athlete stretches the material during a dive off the starting block, the material will store energy and helps with a faster start off the block. 

"The fabric, the bands, and the fit work together to give the swimmer a better position in the water which is especially crucial when the swimmer gets tired," Yeomans added. "An ordinary suit creates a lot of turbulence when water flows over an uneven part of the body. We addressed this by texturing the fabric and adding ripples to key parts of the suit so water flows smoothly over the fabric to reduce drag."

The AdizeroXVI range also offers a bespoke design for the unique movements of different swimming strokes. For example, to cater for the unique kick of the breaststroke, bands have been shaped to support the "insweep" phase, ensuring free, non-restricted and supportive movement.