Adidas has chosen Kana Communications, Inc (NASDAQ:KANA), an enterprise relationship management (eRM) solutions provider, to increase its online presence.Adidas intends to develop customer relationships by capitalising on the 5,000 emails received by customer service representatives each week. adidas will also extract and store valuable customer information through the Kana system. This data will enable adidas to create a more personal and beneficial experience for individual users. adidas is leveraging Kana Connect to drive business to websites by enabling e-businesses to engage customers in relevant conversations, deliver individually targeted messages and track all campaign information for every recipient. Kana Response's Web-form technology transfers important customer information direct into its extensible database while preserving the field structure of the information. "Choosing Kana was a logical strategic move," said John Knight, director of strategy for adidas America. "The solutions address the complete customer life cycle, and we were able to get the entire package up and running almost immediately. Kana delivered an industrial strength solution that will handle our growth well into the future." David Fowler, senior vice president, worldwide marketing, Kana, said: "Adidas came to Kana because they needed to build and nurture critical customer relationships across storefronts and the online world. ERM is all about interacting with customers and partners, evolving those interactions into solid, loyal relationships. Once again, adidas is ahead of the curve with this acknowledgement."