German sportswear brand Adidas has become the latest company to sign the Accord on Fire and Safety in Bangladesh, six months after the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building, which killed more than 1,100 people.

In a statement sent to just-style today (28 October), Adidas said: "Despite our small sourcing footprint we see value in joining the Accord, which complements our own technical expertise and efforts in monitoring fire and building safety in Bangladesh."

According to Adidas, the company has limited production in Bangladesh and "intensively" monitors the few supplier factories located there.

The sportswear brand said it works with a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in the country, which visits the factories every month, engages with workers and reports any safety issues back to Adidas.

Following the Rana Plaza tragedy in April, Adidas said it further strengthened its building safety requirements by commissioning independent structural engineering reviews of each of its Bangladesh suppliers, which have now been completed.

"What we find particularly attractive is the Accord's multi-stakeholder format, its commitment to support and involve workers in addressing factory safety and its commitment to transparency," the statement added.