Andreas Gellner, soon to take over German sports manufacturer Adidas' Indian operations, hopes to bring the Indian segment up to par with others in Asia.

Gellner, who is presently the managing director of Adidas Malaysia, aims to expand the company's Indian sector by opening 30-60 stores over the next couple of years.

He has suggested that India, which is currently one of the company's smallest markets in the region, may be integrated with neighbouring markets - for example Bangladesh and Nepal - in the future.

Gellner said: "India is a high potential market. In fact, it has the capability of becoming the third-largest market for us in Asia, after Japan and China. At present, it is a very small market for us. We have plans to invest significantly in India in manpower and systems."

Another likely area to undergo expansion is the apparel segment:

"The apparel market in India is very big. Also, apparel is priced very competitively, more so because 99 per cent of the manufacturing for apparel is done locally."