From 1 July 2001, AEGIS Environments will assume the Asian distribution of Dow Corning's antimicrobials. These products are widely used by manufacturers of socks, undergarments, shirts, shoes, gloves, and athletic gear who sell their goods with the Biosil trademark for odour-controlling, antibacterial and antifungal protection.
AEGIS purchased the antimicrobial mill application business of Dow Corning in 1996 and currently distributes the antimicrobials under the AEGIS Microbe Shield Program throughout the rest of the world. Previously, Dow Corning retained the right to sell existing antimicrobial products in Asia under its own product names and trademark.

Now, with the exception of Japan, AEGIS will have full global responsibility for promoting and marketing the program, as well as development, distribution, technical support and regulatory compliance for all products.

Dow Corning will continue to manufacture the antimicrobial products in its ISO 9002 facility. As part of the business transfer, the product names will change from DC 5700 and DC 5772 to AEM 5700 and AEM 5772.