Affliction Clothing, a fashion line for rock bands and celebrities, is hoping to standardise supply chain communications with its network of suppliers and retailers using the business-to-business platform from Inovis.

The clothing firm expects to be able to exchange business information electronically with all of its trading partners, compress order-to-cash cycles and get products to customers faster.

"We're a young, fast growing brand," said Scott Hampshire, CIO at Affliction.

"We needed a painless, scalable solution that we could bring in-house to stay connected to our retail customers and suppliers and integrate smoothly with our ERP."

Affliction is using two services from the Inovis platform - the Value Added Network (VAN) and the hosted Catalogue service.

The Value Added Network (VAN) will enable it to exchange purchase orders, advance shipment notices (ASN), invoices and other electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions with trading partners.

The Inovis Catalogue allows Affliction to exchange product information with retailers, ensuring always-accurate content is available in online stores, Affliction flagship stores and retailers like Nordstrom.