UK-based artificial intelligence and virtual reality company TechNovus has developed an Artificial Intelligence-powered body measurement platform it says allows consumers to instantly match their body measurements as they shop online, tackling the problem of poor fit.

Many fashion shoppers are deterred from buying online as it can be hard to get sizes right, the firm says.

Mezura AI 1 addresses this issue by using the camera in mobile phones and AI technology to take detailed body measurements in seconds and match them with the desired clothing items using international measurement standards. 

Jamil El-Imad, CEO of TechNovus, said: "We believe Mezura AI has the potential to transform the online and offline retail experiences, offering a quasi 'tailor service' that allows customers to get an exact fit for clothing within seconds of taking a photo."

With a one-off set up and registration process, shoppers can use a mobile or tablet to obtain their body measurements instantly from one photo. Measurements can be saved, deleted, and retaken at any time and consumers can easily find their international sizes by automatic location identification or by selecting the country they wish to shop in. To ensure privacy, all data remains on the shopper's device.

The firm has also created a retail solution via a hardware Pod to allow retailers to offer customers the same accurate body measurements in shops providing a much more targeted and enjoyable shopping experience, while also reducing exchange and return rates.

80cm high Pods standing independently around the store allow customers to take a photo of themselves and seconds afterward, to send via Bluetooth, detailed measurement information via the app on their mobile device, telling them about the best sizes in that store. 

TechNovus is also offering e-commerce retailers a Mezura AI Plug-in which seamlessly integrates with the retailer's app and matches up with their garment database to suggest the best fit size for online shoppers. The customer can also indicate whether they want tight, regular, or loose-fitting for any garment and will receive a recommendation for the best size.

TechNovus sys Mezura AI will be available as an app on all iOS and Android devices for consumers or as an integrated module in retailers' applications or e-commerce websites, by mid-2021.