New York-based fashion brand Alexander Wang Inc has implemented a web-based PLM/ERP solution across its product development, manufacturing, distribution, and financial management teams to support its rapid growth.

The FashionManager software solution from RLM Apparel Software Systems Inc is a cloud-based on-demand software solution that provides the design house with integrated financial, manufacturing, and distribution tools. This ensures everyone in the organisation as well as outside vendors are all working from the same page.

The tool also improves the company's competitiveness and flexibility by improving its ability to capture sample room costs, maintain accurate fabric and trim inventory levels, project demand, and deliver its products on time.

"We wanted a system that covered all of our business needs," said CEO Aimie Wang. "It did not make sense for us to license and build costly interfaces for separate PLM, ERP, and financial packages."

Founded by celebrated designer Alexander Wang, the company has quickly become one of the most prominent names in women's apparel, footwear, handbags and accessories.

"Since June, RLM has already implemented our merchandising, product development, trim, sample room, sales, and credit management teams into the system", Wang added.

The cloud-based FM On-Demand provides access to Alexander Wang locations in New York and across the globe through the internet. This in turn enables the company to leverage the benefits of the software without the need for capital investments in computer hardware and a large IT staff.